Education Telecommunications Council


February 20, 2004





I.                    Welcome and Introductions

The February 20, 2004 meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council was held at Iowa Public Television and via the ICN.  The following members were present for roll call:  Al Bode, ISEA; Jim Bodensteiner, Board of Regents; Paul Bowers, IAICU; Dean Cook, SAI; Merv Cronbaugh, IACCT; Greg Davis, IASB; Mary Gannon, IASB; John Hartung, IAICU; Ellen Kabat Lensch, IACCT; David Montgomery, DE/CIANS; Kathryn O’Shaughnessy, ISEA; Pam Pfitzenmaier, IPTV; John O’Connell for Gail Sullivan, DE; and Mary Travillian, AEA Boards.  Robert Barak, Regents; Tim Dose, SAI; Kay Runge, DE/Libraries; and Robert Vittengl, AEA Boards were absent.


The following guests were also present at at roll call:  Kathy Guiltot, RTC 1; Bruce McKee, RTC 2; Kathy Goebel, Region 5 Scheduler; Julie Thomas, RTC 6; John Haack and Wendell Maakestad, RTC 10; Pat Thieben and Dennis Yoshimura, RTC 11; Cena Johnson, RTC 14; Mary Stewart and Linda Abel, RTC 15; Judy Jones, State Library; John Gillispie, ICN; and Kathy Borlin and Debbie Fiscus, IPTV.


II.                  ISSUES and UPDATES

II.A.     Legislative Update


John Gillispie provided members and guests with an overview of the ICN Tenth Anniversary Celebration held February 3 at the State Capitol.  He also reported on legislative issues concerning the possible sale of the ICN in HSB 578 (Governor’s bill), HSB 645 (Commerce bill), and SSB 3014.  He asked ETC members to provide their support at the subcommittee meeting scheduled for Feb. 23, 2004, at the Capitol.  Per this discussion, the ETC voted to support the sale of the ICN if proposed criteria were met.  John Gillispie provided 2 documents to ETC members via email following the meeting:  a side-by-side comparison of the study bills, and his powerpoint presentation to the legislature.  Please contact Debbie at if you wish to receive either of these documents.


Paul Bowers made the following motion concerning the possible sale of the ICN.  Kathryn O’Shaughnessy seconded.  Ayes—14, Nays—0, Not Voting—0, Absent—4.  Motion passed unanimously. 


The ICN has been a valuable and important endeavor by the State of Iowa in support of education.  Historically, the ICN has provided advanced telecommunication services to authorized users on the basis of the following criteria:


·        Fair, reasonable, and predictable access to advanced telecommunications technology.

·        Fair, reasonable, and affordable prices.

·        Equity for all constituents.

·        Efficient, transparent delivery system.

·        Governance structure that represents the public good and includes representatives from currently authorized users.

·        Leverage public and private assets for the benefit of all constituents and taxpayers.

·        Maintenance of common carrier status to ensure E-rate telecommunications discounts for schools and libraries.

·        Ability to meet future bandwidth needs for currently authorized users.

·        Ability to meet current and future telecommunications and Internet protocol applications without additional burden on currently authorized users; maintain current quality of video services.

·        Funding to ensure (a) the current level of regional technical support for existing authorized users is maintained; and (b) currently authorized users have a reliable funding source for maintenance and upgrade of video classroom equipment and computers/hardware; and (c) funds are available for maintenance and upgrade of the network.

·        Preserve the ability of the user base to maintain choice.


The current study bills under consideration in the House and Senate represents a viable long term plan to sustain the services provided historically by the ICN and the ETC supports these bills in their current form, as long as these critical values are preserved.


II.C.     Educational Scheduling Deadlines

The ETC voted to approve the 2005 ICN Educational Video Scheduling Deadlines as submitted. 



Al Bode moved to approve the 2005 ICN Educational Video Scheduling Deadlines.  Ellen Kabat Lensch seconded.  All in favor.  Motion passed unanimously.


II.D.     Status of Revision for Educational Needs Document

Paul Bowers stated that the educational needs document...



II.E.     Other Updates

Mary Gannon informed members of a vacancy on the ETC Executive Committee, brought about with the resignation of Ed Gambs, SAI.  She stated the need for a Higher Ed rep to participate.  Jim Bodensteiner, Board of Regents, was asked to volunteer and he accepted.  Current members of the ETC Executive Committee are:  Paul Bowers, IAICU; Kathryn O’Shaughnessy, ISEA; Robert Barak, Board of Regents; Ellen Kabat Lensch, IACCT; Mary Travillian, AEA Boards; Mary Gannon, IASB; Jim Bodensteiner, Board of Regents; and Pam Pfitzenmaier, facilitator, IPTV.



There were no other announcements.


IV.               ADJOURNMENT

The February 20, 2004, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council adjourned at 9:30 a.m.  The next meeting of the ETC is June 17, 2004, at Iowa Public Television.