July 14, 2000


The July 14, 2000, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council was held via the ICN. The following members were present: Al Bode, ISEA; Dean Borg, IASB; Merv Cronbaugh, IACCT; Gene Gardner, IACCT; John Hartung, IAICU; Gary Hayden, AEA Boards; Connie Maxson, SAI; Kathryn O'Shaughnessy, ISEA; Pam Pfitzenmaier, IPTV; Kay Runge, DE/Libraries; Mick Starcevich, SAI; Gail Sullivan, DE; Richard Ploeger for Mary Travillian, AEA Boards, and Rich Gross, exofficio. Bob Barak, Regents; Paul Bowers, IAICU; Mary Gannon, IASB; and David Montgomery, DE/CIANS were absent.

The following guests were also present: Harold Thompson, ICN; Jim Bodensteiner, RTC 1; Roger Rezabek, RTC 7; John Haack, RTC 10; Steve Ovel, Kirkwood CC; Mike Irwin, RTC 13; Dennis Eitmann, RTC 13; John Blong, RTC 9; Kathy Guilgot, RTC 1; Rob Denson, NICC; Representative Chuck Gipp; Marlene McComas, RTC 5; George Klingler and Chet Rzonka, Univ. of IA; Winston Black, RTC 11; Lynee Klaus, RTC 11; Doug Wulf, Legislative Fiscal Bureau; Bruce McKee, RTC 2; Stacy McConahay, RTC 14; Darlas Shockley and Linda Abel, RTC 15; Kitty Conover, RTC 3; Mary Kay Frost, Ann Riley, Allen College/Waterloo and Chuck Ullem, Hawkeye CC; Bettie Bolar, RTC 6; Eddie Dunn, Connie Rosenberger, RTC 12; Bob Dunker, Western Iowa Tech CC; Carl Rolf and Wayne Reed, NWICC; and Debbie Fiscus, IPTV.


IIA. ETC Recommendation to ITTC for Video Rates for the 7/2/2001-6/30-2002 Time Period

Each summer, usually during July, the ITTC receives written and oral input from authorized users regarding the interactive video rates that will take effect the following July 1. Final action by the ITTC on these rates is taken at the September ITTC meeting (per ITTC Administrative Rules). This year the ITTC has postponed its July meeting until August 10 in order that the ETC and other authorized users may have more time to prepare a response to a proposal set forward by Tommy Thompson at the June 28, 2000 ETC meeting.

ETC Chair Al Bode invited Tommy Thompson to summarize his proposed video rate document that was shared at the June 28 meeting. Tommy explained what he perceives to be the legislature's long term expectations for a "phase out" of the video subsidy, even though the expectations do not coincide with the language of SF2433 that establishes the educational users of the ICN shall have subsidization of video rates. Tommy requested that the educational users work with him in developing a rate strategy that will not discourage ICN use but will allow the ICN to stay within the appropriation provided by the legislature and the rates collected by the users.

A lengthy discussion among the participants of this meeting ensued. Following this in-depth discussion, these motions were made:


Merv Cronbaugh made a motion to increase video rates by 5% for FY 02, and eliminate all room use fees ($12.50 per hr). Gene Gardner seconded. Discussion followed. Pam Pfitzenmaier offered a friendly amendment to remove the phrase, "eliminate room use fees," from the motion. Merv Cronbaugh and Gene Gardner agreed to the friendly amendment. (The amended Motion did not contain any reference to room use fees.)

Ayes-8, Nays-1, Present-1; Not voting-0; Absent-7. Motion passed.


Gary Hayden moved that the ETC develop a long-term action plan for investigating future ICN rates and an action plan to increase K-12 ICN usage. Kathryn O'Shaughnessy seconded. Gene Gardner called for the question.

Ayes-9, Nays-0; Not Voting-0; Absent-8. Motion passed.


Pam Pfitzenmaier made a motion that the ETC establish a sub-committee to develop the above mentioned action plan. Connie Maxson seconded.

Ayes-10, Nays-0, Not Voting-0, Absent-7. Motion passed.


The July 14, 2000, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council adjourned at 11:57 a.m. The next regular meeting of the ETC is face-to-face and scheduled for September 7, 2000, from 9am-3pm in the Board Room of Iowa Public Television.


Education Telecommunications Council Minutes
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