May 22, 2000


The May 22, 2000, special meeting of the Education Telecommunications was held via the ICN and at Iowa Public Television. The following members were present: Al Bode, ISEA; Dean Borg, IASB; Paul Bowers, IAICU; Merv Cronbaugh, IACCT; Mary Gannon, IASB; John Hartung, IAICU; Gary Hayden, AEA Boards; David Montgomery, DE/CIANS; Kathryn O'Shaughnessy, ISEA; Pam Pfitzenmaier, IPTV; Kay Runge, DE/Libraries; Mick Starcevich, SAI; Mary Travillian, AEA Boards; and Emmett Vaughan, Board of Regents. Gene Gardner, IACCT; Connie Maxson, SAI; and Gail Sullivan, DE; were absent.

The following guests also attended this meeting: Doug Wulf, Legislative Fiscal Bureau; Winston Black, RTC 11; Kathy Borlin, Gwen Nagel, and Debbie Fiscus, IPTV; John Haack, RTC 10; Karen Lombard, RTC 5; and Roger Rezabek, RTC 7.


Kathy Borlin of IPTV presented various options for FY2001 funding allocations for the Regional Telecommunications Councils. Prior to this ETC meeting, the options were reviewed and discussed on May 16 by approximately 18 RTC members and 2 ETC members. Because the funds for FY2001 are $166,000 below funding levels for FY2000 (FY2000= $1,858,192; FY2001=$1,692,192), a focus of discussion about each funding option centered on the percentage reduction for each RTC.

Feedback from RTCs indicated that Option 1 was the most equitable funding formula at this time. Some of the RTC feedback recommended future examination of the funding formula. Pam recommended that further discussion of FY2002 RTC funding should be an item on the June 28 ETC agenda.


Dean Borg moved that the ETC approve Option 1 of the proposed RTC funding allocations as submitted. John Hartung seconded. Discussion and questions about Option 1 funding were posed and answered.

Ayes-14, Nays-0, Not voting-0, Absent-4. Motion passed unanimously.

Pam indicated that she will ask four ETC members to serve as reviewers of RTC plans. As in past years, each RTC develops a funding plan that is submitted to the ETC for review and to the IPTV Board for final approval.

The ETC-approved funding plan for FY2001 Regional Telecommunications Council will be on the agenda for approval by the Iowa Public Television Board meeting on June 7. Following approval by the IPTV Board, RTC funding application materials will be mailed to the Chair/Coordinator of each regional council.


Pam informed the members that the Indianola School district has filed an ICN video classroom scheduling challenge concerning their ICN video classroom for the evening of November 13. The other affected party is the Des Moines Diocese. Pam has contacted the two parties in order to obtain written statements about the scheduling challenge.

Per ETC policy and Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission (ITTC) Administrative Rules, five members of the ETC are to be appointed to review the challenge and to make a determination on its status. Pam indicated that she will recruit five ETC members who represent various appointing agencies for this review and vote.


The May 22, 2000, special meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council was adjourned at 9:30 a.m. The next meeting of the ETC will be held at the Joint ETC/RTC/Schedulers/TIE Meeting on June 28, 2000, in the Maytag Auditorium at Iowa Public Television.


Education Telecommunications Council Minutes
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