MAY 29, 2003






A special meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council was held via the ICN on May 29, 2003, to discuss RTC funding options for FY04.  The following ETC members were in attendance:  Al Bode, ISEA; Jim Bodensteiner, Regents; Paul Bowers, IAICU; Merv Cronbaugh, IACCT; Robert Busch for Ed Gambs, SAI; Mary Gannon, IASB; John Hartung, IAICU; Ellen Kabat Lensch, IACCT; Mary Wieser for David Montgomery, DE/CIANS; Kathryn O’Shaughnessy, ISEA; Pam Pftizenmaier, IPTV; Vicki Myron for Kay Runge, DE/Libraries; Gail Sullivan, DE; Mary Travillian, AEA Boards; and Robert Vittengl, AEA Boards.  Robert Barak, Regents; and Greg Davis, IASB; were absent.


The following visitors were also present at this meeting:  Judy Bonnstetter, Region 1 Scheduler; Marty Lundberg, RTC 2; Theresa Ziegler and Kitty Conover, RTC 3 and Kathy Otis, Region 3 ICN scheduler; Kathy Goebel, RTC 5; Julie Thomas, RTC 6; Roger Rezabek, RTC 7; Joe Coon, RTC 9; John Haack, RTC 10; Pat Thieben, Tim Graham, and Dennis Yoshimura, RTC 11; Pam Southworth and Denise Norman, RTC 13; Marni Kelso and Cena Johnson, RTC 14; Darlas Shockley and Linda Abel, RTC 15; Rebecca Hannum, RTC 16; Ken Colwell, St. Ambrose University; and Kathy Borlin and Debbie Fiscus, IPTV.


Paul Bowers thanked everyone for responding to him so quickly concerning the letter sent to the Governor from the ETC recommending a veto of Section 171, SF 458.  This section contained language that would lead to the potential sale of the ICN.


II.                  ISSUES

II.A.     RTC Funding Options for FY 04


Kathy Borlin opened the discussion by providing an overview of the history of RTC funding since 1996.  She also shared information concerning the current and impending number of Part III sites.  She shared three possible funding options related to the current RTC funding:  (1). Status quo funding for each region; (2). Maintaining the current funding formula but updating the per region Part II/III site count to current numbers; (3). Maintaining the current funding formula but updating the per region Part II/III site count to numbers scheduled to be operational during the 03-04 school year.  She shared what per site amount would be under each option.  It was noted that options 2 and 3 would reflect only slight changes in the site count (Region 2 has an increase of one this year; Region16 will have an increase of one during 03-04).  Discussion followed.


Following a lengthy discussion Mary Gannon made a motion to accept RTC funding option 3 (maintaining the current RTC funding formula but updating to reflect the number of Part II/III sites scheduled to be operational in the 03-04 school year).




Mary Gannon moved to accept RTC funding option 3 that includes an additional site in Region 2 and Region 16, for a total of 475 sites statewide.  Pam Pfitzenmaier seconded.  A roll call vote was taken.


Ayes—14, Nays—0, Absent—3, Not-Voting—0.  Motion passed unanimously.





Paul Bowers stated that due to the upcoming retirement of Chair-elect Robert Barak, a decision needs to be made concerning the Chair-elect position soon to be vacant.  Paul made the suggestion that he would be willing to continue as Chair through December 03 and the new Chair-elect could carry on from January 04 through June 05, each chair holding a term of essentially 18 months.  Paul asked for recommendations from the members.  Paul suggested that the members think over his suggestion and send any Chair-elect nominations to him via email in preparation of the ETC meeting on June 25th.


III.                ADJOURNMENT


The May 29, 2003, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council adjourned at 2:25 p.m.  The next meeting of the ETC will be June 25, 2003, at Iowa Public Television.