SEPTEMBER 23, 1999


The September 23, 1999, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council was held at Iowa Public Television. The following members were present: Bob Barak (Regents); Al Bode (ISEA); Paul Bowers (IAICU); Gene Gardner (IACCT); John Hartung (IAICU); Gary Hayden (AEA Boards); Connie Maxson (SAI); Pam Pfitzenmaier (IPTV); Gail Sullivan (DE); Mary Travillian (AEA Boards); Wayne Prophet for Emmett Vaughan (Regents); and Ellen Kabat (IACCT). Dean Borg (IASB); David Montgomery (DE/CIANS); Kathryn O'Shaughnessy (ISEA); Kay Runge (DE/Libraries); and Rich Gross (Exofficio) were absent.

The following guests were also present at this meeting: John Haack (RTC 10); Darlas Shockley (RTC 15); Dennis Eitmann (RTC 13); Dave Ludwig (IWCC); Marlene McComas (RTC 5); Karen Lombard (RTC 5); Jim Sutton (ISEA); Theresa Zeigler (RTC 3); Dana Rosenberg (EICCD); Bruce McKee (RTC 2); Chuck Chrisman (RTC 16); Harold Prior (RTC 3); Kitty Conover (RTC 3); Rick Maehl (RTC 5); Dave Harrenstein (Wartburg College); Caryl Bender and Gary Phye (ISU); Winston Black (RTC 11); Wayne Bruns (IPTV); Kathy Guilgot (RTC 1); Jane Herrmann (RTC 11); Roger Rezabek (RTC 7); Stacy Rockhold and Julie Burrell (RTC 14); Tommy Thompson and Mike Bacino (ICN) and Debbie Fiscus (IPTV).


II.A. September 2 Meeting w/ETC Executive Committee, RTC reps, ICN staff, and ITTC Chair

Those who attended provided insights and expectations from the meeting. All present expressed positive impressions about the communication linkages established and continued discussions are to be scheduled. It is hoped that the meetings will occur on a regular basis.

II.B. VOSS Software

Tommy Thompson provided an overview of the Todd completion list stating that completed items would be downloaded onto the VOSS software on 9/23/99. In-advance scheduling for spring 2000 input into CISCO scheduling software will be electronically downloaded into VOSS. ICN staff members ask that schedulers do a "validation" following the download to be sure the download is successful.

There is a conference call scheduled for Friday, September 24, to include five educational schedulers and a few ETC members to discuss the process needed for the in-advance scheduling test on VOSS software. Tommy Thompson and the ICN staff have requested that the ETC work with educational schedulers to establish a testing process for the in-advance features and to identify educational schedulers who will agree to be part of the testing process.

A discussion followed about the need for statewide training sessions on the use of the VOSS software. It was suggested that sessions be set up via the ICN to help end users learn to use the VOSS software. Some of the RTC coordinators suggested that hands-on laboratories be held regionally following, or in conjunction with, the statewide training. Train-the-trainers workshops were also suggested for schedulers who could then train the end users. Several of the RTC coordinators and regional schedulers have already conducted training sessions for K-12 scheduling coordinators. Others mentioned that they were planning to schedule such sessions.

II.C. ATM Results in SW Iowa

Tommy Thomson provided an update of the ATM test results in southwest Iowa (Creston area). The ETC will sponsor an ATM testing session on a Sunday afternoon to include interested ETC and RTC members sometime after October 15. Dates and details of the testing session will follow.


Dana Rosenberg of Eastern Iowa Community College provided an overview of the final report of educational video and web-based classes offered via the ICN during the spring 1999 semester. Several questions about the survey results were posed to Dana. She will research the information and provide answers at the October ETC meeting. Roger Rezabek provided research concerning distance learning enrollments in community colleges, independent colleges/universities, regents institutions, and K-12 schools. These were enrollments in credit courses that were televised, video-based courses with a minimum of 10-video hours, for the period of fall 1997 through spring 1999.


Rich Varn shared an update on the Information Technology Transition Team activities. Feedback from end users, including survey results, are expected to be completed by September 24.

Rich further shared that the Transition Team had a 5-hour meeting with the consultants from Center for Digital Government on September 22. The consultants were informed that the initial draft of their report was not acceptable and they were expected to provide a revised report. The next meeting for the Transition Team with the consultants will be October 5 to discussed the revised report. The hearings across the state via ICN will go forward as scheduled. Rich will provide an update of the consultants' report and the Transition Team response to the report at the October ETC meeting.


Caryl Bender and Gary Phye of ISU provided an overview of the Engaged Learning Model for classroom use. Contact Caryl or Gary via email for more information: or Copies of the materials will be forwarded to ETC members and RTC coordinators/chairs.


Paul Bowers provided an update on the Statewide Networks Mega Conference test to be conducted on September 28. ICN sites in Johnston, Marshalltown, and Charles City will be included in the test, along with sites in Nebraska, Mississippi, Washington, Minnesota and Kentucky. More information about the test can be found at their website:


Pam updated members regarding Year 3 E-rate.


Pam informed members about an article highlighting technology in Iowa that was published in "Education Week's," annual "Technology Counts" edition. The article features the Mississippi River project under development by Iowa Public Television.

Roger Rezabek informed members about the IACT fall conference being held October 28, 1999, at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo. Rich Varn will be presenting via ISDN videoconference from the EduCause Conference in California.

The ASCD/ITEC Conference will be October 10-12, 1999, at the Polk County Convention Center in Des Moines.


The September 23,1999, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council adjourned at 12:00 p.m. The next meeting of the ETC will be October 29, 1999, at Iowa Public Television.


Education Telecommunications Council Minutes
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