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Year 10 -- October 1, 2002 to September 30, 2003

Project Abstract

This project demonstrates and supports the use of a statewide telecommunications network for K-12 education. Iowa’s network, called the Iowa Communications Network (ICN), provides full-motion, two-way interactive video, data (Internet) and long distance voice services. Of the ICN’s current 746 video classrooms, 395 are at K-12 schools, 16 are at regional K-12 service agencies and 153 are at higher education institutions. Project goals include: supporting access to ICN telecommunications resources at the PK-8 grade levels and providing access to distance learning resources through ICN video classroom and Internet-based courses. Anticipated project outcomes: PK-8 schools will have additional resources to expand and continue access to ICN video and data services and an Iowa Virtual High School will be established to provide expanded educational curriculum offerings for Iowa high school students.

Contact Information

Contact: Dr. Pamela Pfitzenmaier
Phone: (515) 725-9720
Fax: (515) 725-9838
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Iowa Public Television
6450 Corporate Drive
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Goal #1: Iowa elementary and middle school educators and students will be supported in distance learning technologies by access to Iowa Communications Network (ICN) video and data resources.

Activity 1.1 Provide resources to public elementary and middle schools to increase telecommunications access for Internet and desktop videoconferencing services through the ICN.

Goal #2: Iowa educators and students will have access to distance learning resources through ICN video classroom and Internet-based courses.

Activity 2.1 Coordinate the development and implementation of the Iowa Virtual High School.

Goal #3: Project management and evaluation will document the impact of, and provide direction to, activities of the project.

Activity 3.1 Project management staff will provide coordination and facilitation for all grant

Activity 3.2 The evaluation team will collect, analyze and report data to support all aspects of the evaluation plan.

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