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2007 Episodes

Caucus Primer (Full Program) (#124)

Originally aired on December 27, 2007

 December 27, 2007 (#124) There are critics of Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses who complain the state wields undue influence in the selection of the next president. They complain the state is too rural, too white, too smart to be representative of the nation as the first test of presidential aspirants. Yet it remains, as it has for more than three decades, at the front of the presidential nomination process. (28:45) Episode Detail

The Economics of College Sports (Full Program) (#122)

Originally aired on December 20, 2007

 December 20, 2007 (#122) Stadium build outs, sky boxes, 7-figure coaching salaries, and lucrative TV and endorsement deals have become staples of big time college athletics. So too have recruiting scandals, and scholarships to academically and socially-challenged athletes. For better or worse, College athletic programs have become cultural institutions. Program host Paul Yeager will explore the topic with two members of the Iowa sports scene. Michael Gartner is owner of the Iowa Cubs baseball team, a triple A professional ball club; and Tom Witosky, a reporter for the Des Moines Register who covers politics and athletics. The Iowa Journal Out and About correspondent Dan Kaercher visits Algona and we'll look behind the headlines with David Pitt of the Associated Press. (27:48) Episode Detail

Swift: One Year Later (#121)

Originally aired on December 17, 2007

For the nearly 30,000 residents of Marshalltown, IA, December 12, 2006, was the day their town made national headlines for all the wrong reasons. While proponents of stronger immigration policies are heartened by the rollback of illegal entries, the human and community impact of last year’s raids in Iowa endures. (27:50) Episode Detail

Journalists Discuss Presidential Debates 2008 (#120)

Originally aired on December 13, 2007

 December 13, 2007 (#120) Iowa Public Television hosted The Des Moines Register presidential debates on Wednesday, Dec. 12 and Thursday, Dec. 13. To discuss the candidates and their appearance at the debates, The Iowa Journal brings together a panel of national journalists. Mark Halperin, political analyst to both ABC and Time Magazine, CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley, and Mark Murray, NBC political reporter join host Todd Mundt for a lively discussion. (28:01) Episode Detail

Holiday Debt (Full Program) (#119)

Originally aired on December 10, 2007

 December 10, 2007 (#119) For the first time since the great depression The American savings rate is non-existent. Many Iowans may enter the Holiday season carrying heavy debt burdens. On the next Iowa Journal we'll explore current debt trends and offer advice on holiday fiscal joy. We'll also take a look behind the headlines. (27:53) Episode Detail

African Americans in Iowa (Full Program) (#118)

Originally aired on December 6, 2007

 December 6, 2007 (#118) For every white person in Iowa’s prisons, there are 13 who are black. Why is Iowa still worst in the nation for incarcerating disproportionate numbers of minorities? (27:47) Episode Detail

Mortgage Crises (Full Program) (#117)

Originally aired on December 3, 2007

 December 3, 2007 (#117) Amy Johnson Boyle hosts a look at America’s Financial Crises with Iowa experts who predict we’ll be feeling the society-wide costs of sub-prime mortgage defaults in the next year or so. (27:48) Episode Detail

Mental Health (Full Program) (#115)

Originally aired on November 26, 2007

 November 26, 2007 (#115) On a recent national mental health report card, the state of Iowa received an “F.” Are we failing those among us who most need our help? We’ll explore that matter tonight along with a look behind the headlines and a view of our state from an open cockpit biplane. (28:14) Episode Detail

Adult Illiteracy (Full Program) (#113)

Originally aired on November 19, 2007

 November 19, 2007 (#113) The Iowa Journal is hosted by Amy Johnson Boyle sitting in for Todd Mundt. For one reason or another as many as 30 million Americans cannot read. Some live in Iowa, a state that has always found pride in its schools. This Iowa Journal looks at illiteracy in Iowa, and some remedies with guests Anne Murr and Alexander Hilson. "Out and About" Correspondent Dan Kaercher goes to the Putnam Museum in Davenport, and looks at a significant Iowa community that pre-dates statehood. And David Pitt of the Associated Press provides news analysis. (27:15) Episode Detail

The Real Cost of the War (Full Program) (#112)

Originally aired on November 15, 2007

 November 15, 2007 (#112) After World War II, the G.I. Bill not only provided health care for returning veterans, but also jump-started the American middle-class. What are today's policies doing to help veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan? That's the focus of this episode of the Iowa Journal. Todd Mundt will talk about Iowa's veterans with Executive Director of the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs, Patrick Palmersheim. We also visit Corning, Iowa, with Out and About correspondent Dan Kaercher and examine the state's headline news with Iowa Public Radio's Jeneane Beck. (27:47) Episode Detail

Iowa Workforce (Full Program) (#111)

Originally aired on November 12, 2007

 November 12, 2007 (#111) The state enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Many of its employers are leaders in manufacturing, financial services and myriad technologies. But those fields are competitive and Iowa’s human resources are in high demand elsewhere. Can Iowa prosper with its current workforce? The demand for skilled workers is growing beyond what Iowa’s aging population can meet. What can the state do to secure its economic future? Giving us their views on these issues are program guests Michael Ralston, President, Iowa Association of Business and Industry; and Michael Tramontina, Director, Iowa Department of Economic Development. We also hear from Iowa State University economist Neil Harl on subprime mortgage foreclosures, and what we should have learned from the farm debt crisis of the 80s. Plus we examine Iowa news with David Pitt of the Associated Press. (27:47) Episode Detail

Undecided Voters (Full Program) (#110)

Originally aired on November 8, 2007

 November 8, 2007 (#110) The Iowa Journal discusses the candidates and the 2008 election with Time magazine and ABC News political analyst Mark Halperin. Halperin has covered White House races for nearly two decades, bringing a wealth of hands-on expertise to his new book, The Undecided Voter’s Guide to the Next President: Who the Candidates Are, Where They Come From, and How You Can Choose, which covers the men and woman vying to become the 44th President of the United States. We also take a look at Orange City with Out and About correspondent Dan Kaercher and examine the state's headline news with Iowa Public Radio's Jeneane Beck. (27:45) Episode Detail

Iowa Film Industry (Full Program) (#109)

Originally aired on November 5, 2007

 November 5, 2007 (#109) It's clean, it's renewable and it's lucrative. Can Iowa claim a piece of the global film industry? From a filmmaker's perspective we are joined by Steve Schott, one of the producers of the recently opened "The Final Season," and Bruce Heppner-Elgin, an Iowa filmmaker, co-founder and president of the Iowa Digital Filmmaker's Guild. We'll also get some insight behind the headlines with Radio Iowa reporter Kay Henderson. (26:44) Episode Detail

Iowa Deer Collisions (Full Program) (#108)

Originally aired on November 1, 2007

 November 1, 2007 (#108) Iowans are on the road more than ever. More miles mean more chances of hitting a deer on the road. We look at why it appears this is happening more and what we can do to protect ourselves. James Coffey and Tom Litchfield of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources talk about about deer populations and the economics of these trends. We also take a look at the Des Moines art scene with Out and About correspondent Dan Kaercher and examine Iowa news with David Pitt of the Associated Press. (27:47) Episode Detail

Alternative Energy (Full Program) (#107)

Originally aired on October 29, 2007

 October 29, 2007 (#107) There is little doubt that ethanol has been a boon to rural Iowa. Farmers are not only enjoying a record harvest, they are also enjoying prices not historically seen except during a drought. But recently prices for ethanol have sagged. And a pall has fallen across an industry that until now has been a source of optimism for rural Iowa. We’ll dig into that on The Iowa Journal. (27:30) Episode Detail

Climate Change (Full Program) (#106)

Originally aired on October 25, 2007

 October 25, 2007 (#106) What are the effects of global climate change on Iowa? How will life be altered and what we can do about it is the focus of this week’s Iowa Journal. (27:47) Episode Detail

Former Iowa Governors Terry Branstad and Tom Vilsack (Full Program) (#105)

Originally aired on October 22, 2007

 October 22, 2007 (#105) Having held the state's highest office for a combined 24 years consecutively, Branstad and Vilsack discuss access to quality health care, long-term financial security and where they think the presidential candidates should stand on these issues. From Wall Street to Main Street home foreclosures, driven by dubious mortgages, and growing concerns about pension and retirement funds are shaking the economy. Across every generation access to health insurance is waning as the number of uninsured Americans has risen. Learn more about these issues that are key to the future of our country and critical to Iowans' voting decisions. (27:48) Episode Detail

The World Food Prize 2007 (Full Program) (#104)

Originally aired on October 18, 2007

 October 18, 2007 (#104) The World Food Prize has been called the “Nobel Prize” for agriculture. This episode features a profile of the history of this award, and of its founder, Norman Borlaug. (27:45) Episode Detail

Festivals, Fairs & Fun (Full Program) (#103)

Originally aired on October 15, 2007

 October 15, 2007 (#103) Can a straight laced, hard working culture like Iowa’s party its way to prosperity? That’s a proposition we’ll address tonight when we examine the hard numbers of fun. We look at the full story, a look behind the headlines, and a warning about the ethanol boom. (27:47) Episode Detail

Local Food Movement (Full Program) (#102)

Originally aired on October 11, 2007

 October 11, 2007 (#102) Restaurants, institutions and culinary schools around the state are embracing locally produced foods. What does this mean to producers, consumers and the overall Iowa economy? What role should government and the public play in encouraging this movement? (27:15) Episode Detail

Entrepreneurial Education (Full Program) (#101)

Originally aired on October 8, 2007

 October 8, 2007 (#101) What role does education play in the development of entrepreneurs? How do we prepare the next generations for a world that demands more creativity, innovation, and personal enterprise? This episode explores what organizations like the Pappajohn Center and the community colleges are doing to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in Iowa. (25:47) Episode Detail

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