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2009 Episodes

Wine Industry in Iowa (Full Program) (#314)

Originally aired on December 17, 2009

 December 17, 2009 (#314) Wine grown in Iowa is garnering interest nationally. (27:46) Episode Detail

Avoiding Holiday Debt (Full Program) (#313)

Originally aired on December 10, 2009

A practical family tells how they live within their means at the holidays. Experts follow up with tips on money management. (27:47) Episode Detail

Iowa's Natural Heritage (#312)

Originally aired on November 27, 2009

 November 27, 2009 (#312) The Iowa Journal looks at some very special natural places in Iowa. (28:46) Episode Detail

Iowa Veterans And Iowa Artists on Iowa Journal (#310)

Originally aired on November 12, 2009

 November 12, 2009 (#310) Topics include public art and why it matters to Iowa, and why Iowa Veterans are taking "Honor Flights." (28:16) Episode Detail

Iowa Tax Credits (#309)

Originally aired on November 5, 2009

 November 5, 2009 (#309) The Iowa Journal examines Iowa's tax credits for business. (28:46) Episode Detail

Terrorism, Iran, and Kathryn Koob (Full Program) (#308)

Originally aired on October 29, 2009

 October 29, 2009 (#308) Kathryn Koob, who was taken hostage in Iran in 1979 talks with host Paul Yeager about her time as a hostage, her views on Iran today, and her belief that one of her captors is a well-known Iranian figure of today. (28:46) Episode Detail

H1N1 "Swine" Flu in Iowa (Full Program) (#307)

Originally aired on October 22, 2009

 October 22, 2009 (#307) As Iowans brace themselves for flu season, questions about H1N1 outweigh answers. Given the potential for the virus to mutate what will be the severity of the illness, and will vaccines be safe and effective? A look at H1N1 on The Iowa Journal. (28:45) Episode Detail

World Food Prize 2009 Laureate, Dr. Gebisa Ejeta & Symposium Speaker Bill Gates (#306)

Originally aired on October 15, 2009

 October 15, 2009 (#306) The Iowa Journal sits down for a one-on-one talk with the 2009 World Food Prize Laureate, Dr. Gebisa Ejeta from Ethiopia. Dr. Gebisa, who is now an agronomy professor at Purdue University, developed a drought-tolerant and disease resistant variety of sorghum that could be grown in sub-Saharan Africa. Following the interview is an excerpt of a presentation given at the World Food Prize symposium, by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corporation and co-chair of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (27:47) Episode Detail

Iowa's Natural Heritage (Full Program) (#305)

Originally aired on October 8, 2009

 October 8, 2009 (#305) The Iowa Journal explores Iowa's role in the preservation and conservation of the state's and the nation's natural heritage. (28:46) Episode Detail

Remembering the Pope's 1979 Visit to Rural Iowa (#304)

Originally aired on October 1, 2009

 October 1, 2009 (#304) The Iowa Journal takes a special, hour-long, look back to 1979, when the most well-traveled Pontiff in the world visited rural Iowa. (59:15) Episode Detail

Looking Back at Khrushchev; Looking Forward towards Health Care (Full Program) (#303)

Originally aired on September 24, 2009

 September 24, 2009 (#303) The Iowa Journal takes a look back 50 years, to a Soviet dictator who took a nearly two-week vacation across the U.S. including a stop in Iowa. (28:45) Episode Detail

Iowa Current Topics: September 2009 (Full Program) (#302)

Originally aired on September 17, 2009

 September 17, 2009 (#302) The Iowa Journal looks at three topics of interest - Iowa's economy, Iowa's role in preventing the Gulf of Mexico "dead zone", and Iowa's much heralded humanitarian, Dr. Norman Borlaug. (27:47) Episode Detail

Principals in Iowa Schools - How They Are Creating Change (Full Program) (#301)

Originally aired on September 10, 2009

 September 10, 2009 (#301) The Iowa Journal looks at how effective school leadership in Iowa can help increase student achievement. (27:50) Episode Detail

Living with Future Floods in Iowa: Overview of 2008 Floods (Full Programs) (#231)

Originally aired on June 4, 2009

 June 4, 2009 (#231) Since 1980, Iowa has recorded at least 230 river flooding events. Is it time for Iowa to change the way it deals with floods? Can more be done to slow runoff from the rural landscape? What can urban areas do to reduce the damage? Can Iowa get better at predicting floods? (26:46) Episode Detail

Economic Crisis: Iowans' Questions Answered (Live Call-in) (#230)

Originally aired on May 29, 2009

 May 29, 2009 (#230) Viewers ask experts questions about financial difficulties due to layoffs and job hunting in this rocky economy. This hour-long program aired live on Iowa Public Television at 8pm, Thursday, May 21, 2009. (55:46) Episode Detail

DTV - Answers to the Most-Asked Questions about digital television (#229)

Originally aired on May 28, 2009

 May 28, 2009 (#229) This program answers the most-asked questions about DTV, digital television, and reception. (57:43) Episode Detail

Autism in Iowa: Health and Economic Effects (Full Program) (#227)

Originally aired on May 14, 2009

 May 14, 2009 (#227) Autism affects one in every 150 children in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control. This program examines the needs of families in Iowa and asks how the state can best meet those needs. (28:04) Episode Detail

H1N1 "Swine" Flu Call-In (Full Program) (#226)

Originally aired on May 7, 2009

 May 7, 2009 (#226) The Iowa Journal answers viewers questions about the flu strain that has been seen in Iowa and elsewhere. (27:47) Episode Detail

Council Bluffs/Omaha: An Emerging Economy? (Full Program) (#225)

Originally aired on April 30, 2009

 April 30, 2009 (#225) Unlike the Quad Cities; Omaha-Council Bluffs has yet to find its full identity. But could that be changing? On this episode of The Iowa Journal, we’ll take a hard look the potential emergence of a new and powerful regional economy. (27:47) Episode Detail

Constitution of Iowa - History of Civil Rights in Iowa (#224)

Originally aired on April 23, 2009

 April 23, 2009 (#224) The Iowa Constitution and the early history of civil rights legislation in Iowa are explored, in light of the current Iowa Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. (27:46) Episode Detail

Performing Arts in Iowa - A Special (Full Program) (#223)

Originally aired on April 16, 2009

 April 16, 2009 (#223) Dan Kaercher goes Out and About visiting some performing arts venues around the state. He finds a variety of ways people go about creating culture. But one thing is the same everywhere, people working together is what makes a cultural community work. (28:45) Episode Detail

Iowa's Economy - Status Report (#222)

Originally aired on April 9, 2009

 April 9, 2009 (#222) Iowa business leaders discuss how the state is weathering the economic storm. The program also includes a visit to Forest City, a community that is experiencing the effects of the economic downturn in every sector of its life and commerce. (27:45) Episode Detail

Iowa Hospital Safety Report Card (Full Program) (#221)

Originally aired on April 2, 2009

 April 2, 2009 (#221) The Iowa Journal assesses what Iowa hospitals are doing to decrease hospital acquired infections and medical errors. (28:42) Episode Detail

Iowa Campuses - Becoming Sustainable (Full Program) (#220)

Originally aired on March 26, 2009

Students are putting sustainability on the top of their college to-do lists - and even competing to do a better job at conserving energy. The Iowa Journal looks at Iowa campuses and the urge to not just conserve, but to become sustainable. (28:48) Episode Detail

Apprenticeships - New Jobs Skills for Iowa (Full Program) (#219)

Originally aired on March 19, 2009

 March 19, 2009 (#219) Can an old school approach to education work in the 21st century? Join us for the next Iowa Journal when we examine the rising use of apprenticeships -- programs that pay students to learn skills. (28:46) Episode Detail

Who will report when all the reporters are gone? (Full Program) (#218)

Originally aired on February 26, 2009

 February 26, 2009 (#218) Economic downsizing and consolidation in media outlets, including magazines, newspapers, radio, and television, has resulted in news staffs being cut drastically in the past several years. So, who will be the investigative journalists in the years to come? (28:17) Episode Detail

Growing Iowa's Art Scene: The Business of Culture (Full Program) (#217)

Originally aired on February 19, 2009

 February 19, 2009 (#217) The Iowa Journal examines the role cultural enrichment plays in creating vital communities that attract and retain citizens. (27:47) Episode Detail

Federal Stimulus Impact on Iowa (#216)

Originally aired on February 12, 2009

 February 12, 2009 (#216) The Iowa Journal looks at the Iowa impact of the federal stimulus package and what it would mean to the state. (27:47) Episode Detail

Wetlands for Flood Control (Full Program) (#215)

Originally aired on February 5, 2009

 February 5, 2009 (#215) The Iowa Journal looks at conservation efforts as a means for helping with flood control. (27:47) Episode Detail

World Class Schools (Full Program) (#214)

Originally aired on January 29, 2009

 January 29, 2009 (#214) The Iowa Journal will examine how education in Iowa compares to some of the top school systems in the world. Featured on the program will be visits to schools in Finland and Alberta, Canada, by The Des Moines Register as part of their World Class Schools series. (28:45) Episode Detail

Iowa's Budget Crunch: Looking for Efficiencies (#213)

Originally aired on January 22, 2009

 January 22, 2009 (#213) The Iowa Journal looks at government efficiencies at the state and city levels. (27:46) Episode Detail

Financial Literacy in 2009 (#212)

Originally aired on January 15, 2009

 January 15, 2009 (#212) The Iowa Journal examines financial literacy—what it is, why Americans may have to change their spending and savings habits, and how to navigate today's financial downturn. (27:46) Episode Detail

Public Service in Iowa: Examining Obama's Plans (#211)

Originally aired on January 8, 2009

 January 8, 2009 (#211) Will President-elect Obama's plans for expanding public service include jobs and public improvements in Iowa? Will the price be too high? We ask some experts to shine a light into the future of public service on The Iowa Journal. (28:46) Episode Detail

Iowa Issues of 2008 and 2009 (#210)

Originally aired on January 2, 2009

 January 2, 2009 (#210) To help reflect on just what these issues mean for the state in the next year, two reporters: Kay Henderson, news director of Radio Iowa, and Todd Dorman, a columnist with the Cedar Rapids Gazette will join host Paul Yeager on The Iowa Journal. (28:46) Episode Detail

President Obama in Newton, Iowa: April 22, 2009 (Earth Day) (#0)

Originally aired on April 22, 2009

 April 22, 2009 (#0) President Obama visits a re-purposed Maytag Appliances building to make a speech about innovation, alternative energies, and his plans and hopes for U.S. economic recovery. (35:35) Episode Detail

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