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News Analysis: December 17, 2007

posted on December 21, 2007 at 5:01 PM

Right now we're turning to David Pitt, one of our news analysts. It's not often we experience a political campaign at Christmas. Has that softened the campaigns and the tone of the campaigns at all?

Pitt: I think it has and I think that was somewhat anticipated that it would probably do that. I mean we looked at earlier on -- when the caucuses were moved up so early in January, we knew we'd be hitting this kind of an odd place in the campaign in which we'd be reaching the last couple of weeks, you know, people would want to be aggressive and be out there campaigning and getting the message out, possibly even some of the campaigns going negative if they looked like they were in trouble. But you just can't really do that this year. I mean we're in a situation in which we're looking at Christmas holidays. People are thinking family time, getting together. So we're seeing some somewhat odd advertisements hitting the televisions right now.

Yeager: Well, they look a little different too this time. They're not the image ads. They're more of just a candidate "x" sitting in front of the camera. A little slide off to the shoulder, probably not even at i.e., more relaxed, personable messages. Is that part of that same mold?

Pitt: I think so and I think it shows perhaps a little bit of the campaign -- they're trying to figure out exactly what kind of a message shall we put on out there. I mean we don't want to be real aggressive and in your face because these, again, are ads that are going to be running over the holiday season. But yet, you know, some of them are a little bit message oriented. The Hillary Clinton ad is a little bit of both, so I mean you just see a real variety right now.

Yeager: What do we anticipate as we get to the final- we're almost a week away. What do we think we're going to see in the last week? We've seen one candidate drop out, Tom Tancredo. Do we anticipate anybody else who's going to say, "Yeah, I had time to think about it over the holidays, I'm out." do we see anything like that, or what do we expect we'll see in the final few days, other than a mad dash?

Pitt: Right, I think that's difficult to anticipate if anyone will be dropping out. But I think we've already seen a few campaigns shifting, perhaps to a different strategy, taking their strategy beyond Iowa, particularly if they're, you know, in the lower end of the polling. So we're seeing a bit of that. You know, it's really hard to predict whether any one else will leave the campaign before the next couple of weeks.

Yeager: And then we get after New Year's Day, and we've got activities for New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and then all of a sudden here we are.

Pitt: Right. It's definitely going to be a hectic couple of weeks, and then a few days right up until the caucuses.

Yeager: In your office and many media offices and campaign offices across the area. All right. Thank you very much, David Pitt, for joining us, and have a good holiday.

Pitt: Thank you.

Yeager: Thank you.


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