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News Analysis: CIETC CEO Ramona Cunningham's mental competency hearing.

posted on May 19, 2008 at 5:22 PM

Yeager: Let's also talk about one final thing here in the last minute, David, the CIETC, the Central Iowa Education and Training Consortium.  Ramona Cunningham, they call it the ring leader of sorts, what is her court status?  She hasn't gone to trial yet.

Pitt: Right, she has not gone to trial.  She is to appear at a hearing on Friday and the federal judge in the case has said she does need to come back to Iowa.  She has been living in a state in the South and she's going to be traveling back here apparently to appear.  This hearing is to basically determine her mental competency to stand trial.

Yeager: That was the initial reason why she wasn't tried with the others; there were four others that were charged.

Pitt: And her attorney has been trying to delay the case as long as possible and basically said he hasn't had time to actually look at the merits of the case because he's been dealing with the issue of whether she is competent to really help in her defense.

Yeager: Do we think there will be a decision right away in that hearing or it's going to be delayed a little bit longer?

Pitt: I would be surprised if the judge rules something from the bench.  Usually takes into account the input that he gets from the attorneys and other sources and he'll make his decision -- I don't know that for sure.

Yeager: We'll find out when that hearing happens.  We'll have that on the next Journal.  David Pitt of the Associated Press, thank you as always for stopping by tonight. 

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