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Iowa Congressional Districts

posted on November 10, 2008 at 4:45 PM

The Iowa Journal takes a video tour of the state - to profile the economies and voters of each of Iowa's five congressional districts. These profiles led up to the November 2008 elections.

Congressional District #1

This district is comprised of 12 counties. Iowa's 1st congressional district, while similar to others in the state, has its own unique attributes. Demographically its population holds firm to blue collar roots, even as white collar employment rises.  The district is often called the John Deere district and Deere and Company has operations in the biggest cities of the district, Davenport, Dubuque and Waterloo.

District #1 Video profile

District #1 Discussion


Congressional District #2

The second congressional district stretches from Linn County in the north to the Iowa/Missouri border in the South. The Mississippi River borders the east and Wayne County is the western-most reach of the district. As with many Iowa congressional districts, the 2nd is as diverse as its geographic spread --from 21st century agriculture to the older traditional farming of the Amish -- from urban culture to rural Mainstreet.

District #2 Video profile 

District #2 Discussion 


Congressional District #3

Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District covers 12 counties located in the central part of the state. The district is mostly rural and agricultural, but contains the state’s largest city as well. The terrain of the third varies from flat and open land in the north to hills and timber in the south to urban cityscape. The district is home to approximately 622,000 Iowans. 65 percent reside in Polk County. The county with the fewest residents is Monroe with some 7,725 residents.

District #3 Video profile

District #3 Discussion 


Congressional District #4

This district is comprised of 28 counties. Geographically, it looks like a sideways stocking, with the toe encompassing Indianola and Winterset, the heel in north-central Iowa including Mason City and Estherville, and the ankle about two counties wide on the north eastern Iowa tier reaching to the Mississippi River.

District #4 Video profile 

District #4 Discussion  


Congressional District #5

As required by law Iowa's 5 congressional districts are close to equal in population.  But after that, the similarities end.

The fifth stands out on a map by dint of its shear size. Stretching North to South from Minnesota to Missouri and extending eastward from the Missouri river across nearly a third of the state, the 5th is the Iowa’s largest congressional district and may well be its most complex.

It holds two cities, Council Bluffs and Sioux City of more than 50-thousand people.  But apart from those urban centers, the population is in mostly rural communities like Orange City and Leon.  The district covers 32 counties in all.

District #5 Video profile

District #5 Discussion

District #5 Web Exclusive


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