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Dewey Readmore Books - Remembrance

posted on March 6, 2009 at 2:40 PM

A classic Iowa Public Television story from 1998 remembers Spencer Library Cat, Dewey Readmore Books, now the subject of a best-selling book by Vicki Myron.

This is Dewey. Dewey Readmore Books, to be specific.

He’s tamed the library patrons of Spencer with a personality that spans the gap from Buddha to Superman.

Vicki Myron, Spencer Library: "He's good at it!"

Every day at the Spencer Library, Dewey entertains his public, pulling from his bag of  unusual cat tricks:

·                    He greets Vicki every morning… with a friendly wave.

·                    He likes to help shelve books by lying on the cart,

Librarian: "Once in a while, he likes to hide in the books. That's where he goes."

And this is his favorite cart, because he can adjust his seating purr-fectly. 

Vicki Myron: "Get comfy."

·                    He loves to sleep in boxes. The smaller the box, the better.

·                    He also climbs ladders…

·                    and plays games. 

Vicki Myron: "Gonna throw it!"

He’s sort of got the hang of hide and seek. 

Vicki Myron: "You silly. And, he thinks he's hidden."

He’s so entertaining, being a library cat and all, that some people have even written about him in their books.

Vicki Myron: "Type in Dewey Readmore… there's a book called, 'Serendipity Stories: Cats and their People.' … And there's a drawing of Dewey laying on my shoulder."

Morgan Halgren: "And there's Vicki!"

Mother reading to son with Dewey: "Animals that try to bite an arm, or body, might end up breaking their teeth!"

Vicki about Dewey:  “He's very warm, and he loves everyone.”

Mother (still reading): "That dinosaur was a Tyrannosaurus.

Vicki about Dewey: “He really, really likes babies. He sits down right next to them and they'll grab his fur and he won’t move."

Vicki about Dewey:  “There's a lot of senior citizens that come here because they can’t have pets in their apartments”

Library patron: "Are you happy here, Dewey?"

Morgan to Dewey: "Yeah, you're a good kitty."

A loveable dog, we could understand. But cats? This I had to see for myself.

Morgan with Dewey: “He’s adjusting. I think he’s purring.”

Vicki Myron: "Well, we came in on a Monday morning, and we could hear a small sound. But, we couldn't identify it or where it was coming from. And we opened the book drop, and not only was it full of books, but this little tiny kitten was in there.

"He was dirty, and wet, and his foot pads were frozen and were falling off. And, you could tell he was starving.

"We took him out of there and we gave him a warm bath – more to bring him back to life than anything. And he purred. During the entire bath.

"And, we knew that he was just such a little character with a great personality.

"So, that's when we decided to ask the City Council and the Library Board if we could keep him as the library cat."

Vicki Myron about Dewey:  "Never forget, nor let your humans forget, you own the joint."

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