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H1N1 "Swine" Flu in the Headlines: Iowa Cases and National News Timeline

posted on May 7, 2009 at 2:12 PM


  • World Wide H1N1 Flu Virus Reports

    World Wide H1N1 Flu Virus... Enlarge

The flu bug known as H1N1, a virus, has claimed lives, and its rapid spread has earned it the designation "pandemic" from the World Health Organization.

There is no better analogy for H1N1 than the news of it. Like the virus, the story has spread and mutated quickly and widely. 

Friday 4.24.9

Jim Lehrer: "Mexico scrambled today to head off a deadly outbreak of swine flu. schools, museums, libraries and other public sites were closed in Mexico City. In recent days more than 1,000 people have fallen ill and officials say as many as 60 have died."

Monday 4.27.9

Jim Lehrer: "Ten Mexican States including the capital have reported Swine Flu cases. In the US state health officials in New York, California, Kansas, Ohio, and Texas all have reported confirmed swine flu cases."

Tuesday 4.28.9

NewsHour: The economic fall out from the flu also has become to come in to focus. Cuba today became the first nation to implement a travel ban on flights to/from Mexico.

Wednesday: 4.29.9 

NH: President Barack Obama: My thoughts and prayers and deepest condolences go out to the family as well as those are ill and recovering from the flu. 

Tom Newton/Director, Iowa Department of Public Health: “Now that introduced to state, we anticipate it will spread across Iowa.: Gov. Chet Culver, D-Iowa: “Given the two probable cases, I've asked the department of Public Health to activate their emergency coordinating center."

Erin Kiernan, WHO Anchor: “2 H1N1 cases here in Iowa are being investigated by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.”

John Bachman, WHO Anchor: “Those probable cases showed up in Clinton and Des Moines county.”

Thursday: 4.30.9

Joan Woodward: NewsHour: “The illness continues its spread as the number of US cases passes 100 and more schools closed.” 

Kevin Cooney: KCCI Anchor: “11 states 109 cases, the H1N1 virus continues to spread coast to coast, a backlog at the CDC means Iowa won't know until tomorrow about two probable cases of H1N1."

Friday: 5.1.9

Tom Newton, IDPH, Director: “Obviously this is a rapidly changing situation.”  

Erin Kiernan WHO Anchor: “The number of probable cases of H1N1 has grown in the state of Iowa, but no cases have yet been confirmed. Iowans in a sort of limbo tonight, as the state awaits results from officials call 3 probable cases of h1n1 flu.” 

Saturday: 5.2.9

Emily Price, KCCI Anchor: “The first confirmed case of H1N1 virus is uncovered in Iowa today and now the state says up to ten more cases could be on the way. Marshalltown schools will be closed all week. Six likely cases of H1N1 led to that shut down.”  

Sunday: 5.3.9

Dave Price, WHO Anchor: “60 more cases, Centers for Disease Control confirms there's now more than 226 cases of H1N1 in 30 US states that's up 160 in 21 states. In all, the Ia Department of Public Health has conducted 548 tests for that H1N1 flu.”

Monday 5.4.9 

Jim Lehrer, NewsHour: “Swine flu continued its creep around the world the number of cases went to over 1000 spanning 20 countries according to the World Health Organization.” 

Stacey Horst, KCCI Anchor: “H1N1 continues to spread across Iowa, only one case confirmed, that in Des Moines County in southeast Iowa, new tonight, one probable case in Polk County, 2 more probable cases in Marshall County, bringing the total number of probable cases to ten.”

Tuesday: 5.5.9

John Bachman, WHO Anchor: “What a difference 8 hours made in Marshalltown. This morning the school superintendent defended the decision to close the schools all week as a necessary measure to fight the spread of the H1N1 flu. This afternoon, that closure order was cancelled.”

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