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Health Care and Financial Security

posted on October 19, 2007 at 3:31 PM

Democrat, Republican or Independent, nearly every poll of Americans reveals that the cost and availability of health care are big political issues. So too are other matters of family financial security, like pension viability, or mortgage regulations or even college tuition and loans. These issues are enduring and will persist through the 2008 elections.

Apprehension in America is growing, driven by doubt at every turn. A tide of stories from the 21st century American economy fuel the uncertainty.

“The system is profit driven rather than care driven.”

With every default, confidence in pension and retirement funds grows weaker. Shaking the economy from Wall Street to Main Street, a wave of home foreclosures, driven by dubious mortgages, afflicts not only the borrower but ripples through the nation's lending system and rattles global equity markets.

“We really are scared of what the future might bring for us.”

And the uncertainty undercuts the investment the next generation has made in itself. Students are shouldering historic burdens of college debt.

"When I am out of college, I’m going to owe probably $50,000. It's just so much. It’s just so much.”

And across every generation, the accessibility to health insurance for many is waning. The number of uninsured Americans has risen, and the cost of insurance and healthcare is increasing far faster than the rate of inflation.

“We would love to start our own business, and right now it is not looking like that is going to be very possible for us. Health insurance is the main reason.”

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