George Spencer: Spy

Time Frame: 1861-1865

A re-enactment demonstrates how Grenville Dodge's spies tricked Confederates out of valuable information during the Civil War, 1861-1865.
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“The Civil War,” The Iowa Heritage: Program # 5, Iowa Public Television, 1977.

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(drums and instrument)

Captain George Spencer, one of Dodge’s agents, crossed enemy lines while still in Union Uniform. He carried a white flag and explained to Confederates that he carried messages regarding the exchange of prisoners. While he traveled through enemy territory, he picked up Southern newspapers and returned to the Union camp with valuable information.

Good morning.

Hey Yank, where you going?

I’ve got important papers for the General. Nice day.

He’s got a lot of nerve, don’t he.

Many of Dodge’s spies were captured by the South, but none betrayed the Union.


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