Farm Chores

Time Frame: Early to Mid 1900's

Early farm children had many chores to do every day. Caring for animals was one important duty.
The Iowa Heritage Roots in the Soil
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(birds singing, rooster crowing)

We had chores to do. My part of it, first thing in the morning was helping my dad milk. Most all the farmers milked cows—milked several—maybe 6 or 8, because selling the cream was an important part of our income. My older brother would do the other chores. He’d feed the hogs. Sometimes we would have sheep and usually in the wintertime a few steers to feed. And of course chickens—always chickens to feed and clean out the chicken houses—ya know—and gather the eggs and that kind of thing. And get the horses in and feed them.

(You got all dirty.)

Another necessary morning chore was currying the horses. And then of course harnessing them, getting the harnesses on them. This was usually about 6 or 8 horses is what we had most of the time. And it was quite a chore to curry that many horses and get a harness on them. Then, of course, breakfast would be ready and we’d have breakfast. I’m sorry to say, but some people abused their horses, but we never did abuse ours. We always took as good as care of them as we could: not over work them, just be considerate of them—ya know—feed them good, because they were so important to us.


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