New Iowan: Minh

Time Frame: 2005

This is an interview with a young, New Iowan, as part of the documentary "Our Kids."

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Vietnam, Third Grade

I speak two languages. One is English and one is Vietnam. When I grow up I want to be a scientist. I go to school in Vietnam every day. I went to first grade, kindergarten, second grade, that's all. School at Vietnam look like, the playground is in the middle, and look like the building is all over, and we don't have gym, music, or library. So we have to buy our own book to read. My parents speak a little bit English. I help them a little bit. My parents learn English at this place, look like every morning at ten o'clock they go to this place, and there's a man who teach them English.

School in Iowa

I was nervous and I don't know anything. So I follow my brother who's in fifth grade. So when at recess, I just stand right by the wall and do nothing. I look like, kind of scared and nervous. One of the boy try to help me, but he doesn't speak my language. Then I thought, he kind of look like Vietnam person, so I speak to him Vietnam, but he said "Huh?"

It difficult part is, the word is kind of hard, you have to look like, take your tongue up and down, like "Fish", you have to go "Fish" and put your lip and say the L.

Advice to New ELL Students

I will say that, don't worry - just, look like, a teacher or friend will help you. No need to be nervous.


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