Entertainment During the Depression

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Time Frame: 1929-1945

Even during the Depression, farm families found ways to have fun.
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Herman Wolf: That first year after we got married and everything, I had $90 from my year at work. After I paid the rent and everything, I bought a radio. And all the neighbors come in, and hear our radio. And we’d pop corn and listen to that radio, and we had a heck of a good time.

Kenneth Tolander: I sure remember they used to get together for homemade ice cream. Get two or three neighbors together and somebody make ice cream and then next week somebody else would make the ice cream and you’d be over there for the evening and have ice cream. They done that a lot down in our neighborhood.

Neil Harl: Almost everyone would go to town on Saturday. They had nothing else to do. This was before television. They would go to town. Some would go to the movies. There was a movie theater in most communities. And they’d walk around the square and talk, but it was a very interesting time. I thought that was the normal way of doing things. Of course as I got older and was in high school that had begun to change and today there’s not much left of that.

Leila Carlo: On Saturday we would do our baking, usually on Saturday, and plan what we were going to have for Sunday dinner. Sunday afternoons we visited a lot with my mother’s brother’s and sister’s families, or my Dad’s – on my dad’s side – go there for the afternoon or they would come to our place.


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