Modern Farming

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Modernization of farming has brought many changes to rural Iowa.
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The increased mechanization of agriculture has made farmers more independent of each other. As tractors and combines and big round balers make their way into the fields, old customs were pushed out. Neighbors no longer rely on one another the way they once did. Extra hands are no longer needed to get the work done. The technology of power, the technology of equipment, the technology of seeds have utterly transformed the countryside and it has altered farm neighborhoods as well. Today, for better or worse, rural America has a new face.

Herman Wolf: We were more of a community than today. Like we had our Farm Bureau meetings, we had the meetings in the homes. Now, I don’t know where they have it. That’s what I think we’ve lost, big thing we’ve lost. You don’t have that sense of community anymore. You’re just out there on your own.


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