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  Title Year
  Spanish Meet Indians
     In the early 1500s the Spanish were the ...
Early 1500's
  Stagecoach Travel
     Traveling by stagecoach in the mid-1800s ...
Mid 1800's
  State of Iowa is One of a Kind
     Former president of the Des Moines Register, ...
  Steam Train
     Travel by steam train in the mid- to late- ...
Mid to Late 1800's
  Steamboat Accidents
     Steamboat travel in the 1800s could be very ...
Early to Late 1800's
     Steamboats were important forms of transportation ...
  Steamboats Carry Supplies
     The cargo carried by steamboats or "steamers" ...
Early to Late 1800's
  Steamboats Travel Inland Rivers of Iowa
     Before the railroad arrived, steamboats ...
Early to Late 1800's
  Stock Market Crash Impacts Farmers
     The crash of the U.S. stock market in 1929, ...
  Telephone on the Farm
     The telephone connected farm families to ...
Early to Mid 1900's
  The Amish
     The Amish came to America in the 1700s. ...
  The Bering Land Bridge
     About one million years ago nomad hunters ...
Approximatey One Million Years Ago
  The Depression Years
     Robert A. Wright, Sr., a long-time president ...
  The Dust Bowl
  The Great Depression Ends
     World War II pulled the nation out of the ...
  The Great Depression: Stock Market Crash
     All parts of the nation were faced with ...
  The Great Depression: Strike Turns Violent
     The National Guard was called out to respond ...
  The Great Depression: Transient Men
     During the Great Depression many men were ...
  The Icarians
     A group of French people came to Iowa in ...
  The Iowa Bystander Newspaper Brings Hope
     Elaine Graham Estes, longtime director of ...
  The Iowa Bystander Provides Communication
     Arlene Roberts-Morris, widow of African-American ...
  The Iowa Bystander Publisher Fights for Success
     Elaine Graham Estes, longtime director of ...
  The Need is Immediate
     Former chief of Iowa's Bureau of Refugee ...
  The New Deal Brings Relief
     The New Deal brought relief to many Iowans ...
  The Right Thing to Do
     Former Iowa Governor Robert Ray talks about ...
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Displaying 226 to 250 of 305 results.

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