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  Title Year
  Early Corn Picking
     Corn was picked by hand during the early ...
Early to Mid 1900's
  Early French Explorers Visit Iowa
     Although the area wasn't called Iowa at ...
  Early Iowans and the Bison
     Approximately 12,000 years ago bison were ...
Approximately 12,000 Years Ago
  Early Mills
     Grist mills ground wheat, oats, barley and ...
  Early Travelers Face Danger
     With no established roads or bridges, settlers ...
Mid 1800's
  Entertainment During the Depression
     Even during the Depression, farm families ...
  European Explorers Meet Early Iowans
     The first European explorers met the native ...
Early 1500's
  Europeans Come to Iowa
     In 1673 European explorers, Marquette and ...
  Experiences of Tai Dam Coming to Iowa
     In 1975, a distinct ethnic group called ...
  Explorers Meet Iowa Natives
     French explorers Marquette and Joliet reached ...
  Explorers Search for River Sources
     In 1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark ...
  Family Farms During the Depression
     Families got through the Depression using ...
  Farm Chores
     Early farm children had many chores to do ...
Early to Mid 1900's
  Farm Food
     Family life in 1920s and 1930s revolved ...
  Farm Life for Children During the Depression
     Now grown up, children of the Depression ...
  Farm Machinery Production
     Iowa was the ideal place to manufacture ...
Late 1800's
  Farm Women
     Both men and women worked hard on the farm. ...
Early to Mid 1900's
  Farmers at Work in the Past
     Two farmers work together. One drives a ...
Late 1930's to Early 1940's
  Farming on the Frontier
     Prairie soil was rich, but tough. In the ...
  FDR Promises a New Deal
     When he ran for president, Franklin Roosevelt ...
  Fence Making on the Frontier
     Farmers made fences with whatever they could ...
  Flooding Across Iowa - 2008 Floods
     The summer of 2008 brought record flooding ...
  Food of Ancient Iowans
     Approximately 12,000 years ago, ancient ...
Approximately 12,000 Years Ago
  Fort Atkinson is Built
     The U.S. government took control of Indian ...
  French and Early Iowans
     In the early 1700s the French formed relationships ...
Early 1700's
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Displaying 51 to 75 of 305 results.

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