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  Title Media Type Year
  Drawing of Fort Madison, ca 1808
Illustration ca. 1808
  Man Directing a Two-horse Plow
     Illustration titled "Life on the Prairie." ...
Illustration 1820
  Covered Wagons
     Covered wagons in a wagon train. Many European ...
Illustration After 1833
  Mormons Crossing the Mississippi River, 1846
     Illustration of Mormons crossing the Mississippi ...
Illustration 1846
  Wagon and Oxen Illustration, 1848
     Wagon and oxen illustration. Many European ...
Illustration 1848
  Farmer Breaking the Prairie
Illustration 1850
  Iowa's Underground Railroad
     Illustrated map displaying Iowa's Underground ...
Illustration ca. 1857
  Icarian Colony Painting, 1870
     This is a snapshot of an oil painting done ...
Illustration 1870
  Farmer Cutting Wheat
     Illustration of farmer cutting wheat. Farmers ...
Illustration ca. 1875
  Clamming Boat
     An illustration of a typical boat used for ...
Illustration Late 1800s
  Clamming Hooks
     Hooks were used to drag the sandy bottom ...
Illustration Late 1800s
  Sod Roofed One Room Log School House
     Photo of sketch of first schoolhouse in ...
Illustration 1900
  Ku Klux Klan Fair Day, 1924
     Full-page advertisement for Ku Klux Klan ...
Document 1924
  Ku Klux Klan Klonklave, 1924
     Advertisement for Ku Klux Klan Klonklave ...
Document 1924
  Henry A. Wallace, 1888-1965
     Portrait of Henry A. Wallace. 1888 - 1965. ...
Illustration 1888-1965
  John L. Lewis
     Portrait of John L. Lewis. A man who grew ...
Illustration 1880-1969
  Iowa and Its Diverse People
     This illustration depicts the diverse people ...
  Map of Iowa and Bordering States
Map 2005
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Displaying 51 to 68 of 68 results.

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