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  Title Media Type Year
  Flint and Chert
     Flint and chert were worked into a variety ...
Illustration Approximately 10,000 to 3,000 Years Ago
  Glenwood Culture House
     Artist’s reconstruction of a Glenwood Culture ...
Illustration 900
  Glenwood Culture House Floor Plan
     The excavation of these structures indi- ...
Illustration 900
  Great Oasis Floor Plan
     Houses, like the four uncovered at the Broken ...
Illustration 900
  Great Oasis House
     An artist’s reconstruction of a Great Oasis ...
Illustration 900
  Great Oasis Pottery Shard
     Great Oasis Incised is characterized by ...
Illustration 900
  Great Oasis Sites
     This map shows the distribution of the Great ...
Illustration 900
  Henry A. Wallace, 1888-1965
     Portrait of Henry A. Wallace. 1888 - 1965. ...
Illustration 1888-1965
  Icarian Colony Painting, 1870
     This is a snapshot of an oil painting done ...
Illustration 1870
  Imperial Mammoth of North America
     The Imperial Mammoth of North America was ...
Illustration Approximately 20,000 Years Ago
  Iowa and Its Diverse People
     This illustration depicts the diverse people ...
  Iowa's Underground Railroad
     Illustrated map displaying Iowa's Underground ...
Illustration ca. 1857
  John L. Lewis
     Portrait of John L. Lewis. A man who grew ...
Illustration 1880-1969
  Julien Dubuque
Illustration 1762–1810
  Ku Klux Klan Fair Day, 1924
     Full-page advertisement for Ku Klux Klan ...
Document 1924
  Ku Klux Klan Klonklave, 1924
     Advertisement for Ku Klux Klan Klonklave ...
Document 1924
  Man Directing a Two-horse Plow
     Illustration titled "Life on the Prairie." ...
Illustration 1820
  Map of Iowa and Bordering States
Map 2005
  Mapping the West
     This map shows that in 1776 land west of ...
Map 1700's
  Marshelder Plant
     Marshelder,or sumpweed, was one of the first ...
  McVey Strap Handle
     A strap handle was common in Glenwood Culture ...
Illustration 900
  Mill Creek House Plan
     This Mill Creek house plan from the Kimball ...
Illustration 900
  Mill Creek Sites
     The shaded areas show the distribution of ...
Illustration 900
  Mormons Crossing the Mississippi River, 1846
     Illustration of Mormons crossing the Mississippi ...
Illustration 1846
  On the Move in a Wagon
     On the move in a wagon. This illustration ...
Illustration 1800's
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Displaying 26 to 50 of 68 results.

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