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2008 Episodes

Reporter's Roundtable: Fiscal Rollbacks (December 12, 2008 - #3615)

With Iowa's current budget and budget for 2010 under pressure, Capitol reporters give insight and discuss the fiscal ramifications of the Governor's... (27:46) Read Transcript

Restoring Confidence: Dr. Neil Harl, ISU Economist (November 21, 2008 - #3612)

Neil Harl, ISU Emeritus Professor of Economics, gives perspective on the global economic chaos draining business and family assets. Joining him are... (27:43) Read Transcript

Reporter's Roundtable: Final Remarks (October 31, 2008 - #3609)

With just 3 days left until the election, Capitol Reporters offer pre-election analysis. Reporters Charlotte Eby, Kay Henderson, Jeneane Beck, and... (27:46) Read Transcript

Reporter's Roundtable: Bailout! (October 3, 2008 - #3605)

Congress votes on the economic bailout, and Presidential Campaigns react to a new set of circumstances. Reporters Mike Glover, Kay Henderson,... (27:45) Read Transcript

Election Preparations: Secretary of State Michael Mauro (September 26, 2008 - #3604)

Capitol reporters join Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro for a discussion about election preparations. Reporters are Mike Glover of Associated... (27:46) Read Transcript

2008 Campaigns: Jerry Crawford (D) & Mike Mahaffey (R) (September 12, 2008 - #3602)

Capitol reporters join Jerry Crawford (D-Des Moines) and Mike Mahaffey (R-Montezuma) for a discussion about 2008 campaigns. Reporters are Mike... (27:45) Read Transcript

Reporter's Roundtable: Elections Looming (September 5, 2008 - #3601)

With the National conventions completed and elections looming, capitol reporters give their analysis on the shape of things to come. Reporter's are... (27:46) Read Transcript

Convention Fever: Stewart Iverson & Scott Brennan (July 11, 2008 - #3545)

State Republican Chairman Stewart Iverson and State Democratic Chairman Scott Brennan on organizing efforts and the upcoming party conventions.... (27:46) Read Transcript

Reporters Roundtable: Upcoming Primary Elections (May 30, 2008 - #3539)

Reporters comment on the upcoming June 3rd primaries and campaign nuances. Reporters Mike Glover, Kay Henderson, Jeneane Beck, and Charlotte Eby... (27:44) Read Transcript

Reporter's Roundtable: Awaiting Decisions (May 2, 2008 - #3535)

As the current 100 day legislative session comes to a close, reporters Mike Glover, Kay Henderson, Jeneane Beck, and Charlote Eby analyze pending... (27:45) Read Transcript

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (April 4, 2008 - #3531)

Capitol reporters interview Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal. Reporters are Kay Henderson, Radio Iowa and Mike Glover of Associated... (27:51) Read Transcript

Rep. Ro Foege & Rep. Linda Upmeyer (March 14, 2008 - #3528)

State Rep. Ro Foege and Rep. Linda Upmeyer are interviewed on the issue of extending health care to children who don't have health insurance.... (24:46) Read Transcript

Reporter's Roundtable (February 8, 2008 - #3523)

On the February 8th edition of the Iowa Press host Dean Borg is joined by Capitol reporters Charlotte Eby, Lee Newspapers; Jeneane Beck, Iowa Public... (27:47) Read Transcript

A Preview of the New Legislative Session from Rep. Kevin McCarthy (January 11, 2008 - #3519)

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Democratic leader, gives a preview of and perspective on, the new legislative session. (27:43) Read Transcript

Reporters' Roundtable (January 4, 2008 - #3518)

Reporter's roundtable dissecting the caucus and previewing the New Hampshire primary races. Host Dean Borg is joined by political reporters David... (27:43) Read Transcript

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