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Closing Comments | Iowa Republican Governor Debate (May 20, 2010)

posted on May 20, 2010

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Obradovich: And now it's time for closing comments. You each have thirty seconds starting with Mr. Vander Plaats.

Vander Plaats: Iowans deserve a choice who is going to be their next governor. As I travel this state all across, Iowans they are not willing to re-hire the current with failed and bad policies that are happening today. But I don't believe they are willing to re-hire the growth of government, tax and spend of the past as well. Iowans today want a leader. As a business leader I'll grow this economy the right way. As a CEO I'll shrink government but get the most out of government. As an educator I'll restore Iowa's prominence in education. As a leader I'll do what's right because it's right to do.

Obradovich: Thank you. And now Mr. Roberts.

Roberts: Republicans will have a real choice on June 8th to nominate one of the three of us standing here today. I believe I have the leadership experience, skills and temperament to serve as Iowa's next governor. I have traveled the state.  Iowans have made it very clear, they don't like politics as usual, they want government to be on a different course. I am not beholding to special interest groups or party political individuals. I think I can represent the people of Iowa and do a good job advancing what is in their best interest. The question is, am I the kind of person you want to see as your next governor?

Obradovich: Thank you.  And Mr. Branstad.

Branstad: I think Iowans are tired of the fiscal mess that Culver has created and they want an honest, conservative leader again, somebody that will set ambitious goals and somebody that has a proven record, not just rhetoric but results and that is what I represent. 200,000 new jobs in the next five years, increasing family incomes by 25%, making our education system number one in America again and reducing the size and cost of government by enforcing the spending limitations and vetoing any bill that violates them. I ask for the support of the people in the primary election June 8th. Thank you.

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