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Exercise Every Day!

Take a walk. Play outside. Have fun!

The Race Against Junk Food: Snak Posse

A fun filled adventure introducing the Snak Posse (Super Nutritionally Active Kids.) These vegi-people get are excited about living healthy through fun and entertainment. Read how Tommy and the Snak Posse win the race against junk food!

Tumble Bumble

by Felicia Bond

When a tiny bug decides to go for a walk, anything can happen! He might meet a cat, a crocodile, a pig, or even a bee to dance and play with, and that means more friends for everyone! Ant believes that the more friends he gathers together, the merrier he will be. He greets each of his unusual friends and they all tumble, stumble, bounce and bump through the story.

More great books! (56 KB, PDF) You can find them at your local public library!

Activity Cards

Is there an activity that you want to learn more about? Are you trying to find a new activity to try? Learn about dozens of activities including the rules of the game, what you need to wear, what parts of the body you’re working.

Activity Calendar

Create your very own personalized calendar of your favorite activities. Your fitness plan can include an activity and specify a length of time for each day.

More great activities for kids and grown-ups!

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