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P. Allen Smith's Garden Home | 1-2-3 Done! Colossal Mega Cabbage | PBS

posted on November 11, 2010

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If you want to get your kids engaged in gardening, challenge them to grow a 50 pound cabbage! They won't believe it! But it's true. It happens every year across this entire country.

• To be successful your children need to plant the O.S. Cross Hybrid cabbage. O.S. stands for oversized and it will grow up to 50 pounds.

• All cabbages like cool weather so plant your cabbage in early spring so it will have plenty of time to grow before it gets hot.

• Choose a sunny spot with loose, well-drained soil.

• If you are planting several O.S Cross Hybrid cabbages space them 3 feet apart.

• Apply an all-purpose vegetable fertilizer around the base.

• Give your cabbage consistent water. It needs at least 1-inch of rainfall or supplemental water each week.

• Cover your cabbage overnight if temperatures drop below 32 degrees F. A bucket or old sheet works well. Be sure to remove the covering before the day gets warm.

• One pest to look out for is the cabbage looper. This caterpillar likes all the members of the cole family including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and collards. If you see them spray with BT. You can get this at your local farm supply or garden center. BT is perfectly safe to spray on anything you eat.

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