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The Shows (Feature 1104.17)
Helping Hand

By just about any measure, Tom Walz is an unusual person. While he's held the top job of the University of Iowa's School of Social Work, he's also been working as a subversive, doing anything he can to make the school more "human" and less institutional. He's scattered his ideas across Iowa and in countries as varied as Honduras, Russia, Japan, and India.

His friends say they can count on him to double-book himself on every occasion, and if he happens to be late for a meeting, they know he's probably out helping someone: buying them groceries, lending an ear, or offering a helping hand. His approach to life has been steered by both the teachings of Mahatma Ghandi, and by the friendship of a handicapped man name Bill Sacter, someone Tom calls "A Person of God." LIVING IN IOWA catches up with Tom for some stories, songs, and a cup of coffee at Wild Bill's Coffee Shop. We'll try to uncover why so many people consider Tom to be their hero, even though Tom says his philosophy of life is, "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly."

Helping Hand
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