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Reclaiming Sacred Ground

More than 150 years ago, a building that symbolized an entire religious community was destroyed. It was the temple in Nauvoo, Illinois.

Even though the temple's destruction symbolized the violence surrounding the Mormon's 7 year stay in Illinois, it did not symbolize the destruction of the Mormon faith. Church members fled through Iowa to Salt Lake City, Utah, and the church now claims more than 11 million members, world-wide.

This summer, on the anniversary of the murder of their church's original leader, Joseph Smith, Jr., a rebuilt, modern version of this temple will be dedicated.

In the few months before the official dedication, tourists will be able to enter the temple and learn about the sacred rites of the "Latter-day Saints."

Living in Iowa will tour the multi-million-dollar building, and talk with both Mormons and non-Mormon townspeople about the temple and the town's place in history.

The public open house ended June 22, 2002.

Reclaiming Sacred Ground
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Edited Transcript of Nauvoo Media Press Conference May 1, 2002