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Zither Ensemble

This week’s Side Roads will answer the questions, “What is a zither and where can I get one?” The answer for the later is the German American Heritage Center in Davenport. Paul Berge will explain what a zither is but hasn’t a clue on how to play one. But, the Zither Ensemble can play quite well as you’ll see at one of their rehearsals.

A zither, by the way, is an Alpine stringed instrument that is played by strumming or plucking or both. The Zither Ensemble began in 1885 and at its peak had sixty players. A local newspaper called it the biggest organization of its kind in America.

For more information, please visit the German American Heritage Center that is located in a building once used as a hotel where many German Immigrants stayed during their first days in Iowa.

Zither Ensemble
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