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Upon My Honor

During WWII one out of three Americans who fought on Iwo Jima never made it home. Iowa's Barnett brothers survived those odds. They returned to Iwo Jima for the battle's 60th anniversary to honor the fallen.

In 1942 Bob and Doug Barnett enlisted in the marines. Doug, just nineteen years of age, had to persuade his father to let him sign-up.

Following boot camp the brothers first fought in the Pacific on Guadalcanal and throughout the Solomon islands.

On February 19, 1945, Bob and Doug were among the first U.S. marines to land on Iwo Jima. 660 miles south of Tokyo, this small island held great tactical importance. A last line of homeland defense, the Japanese were ordered to fight to the death. Coarse volcanic sand provided no traction and open beaches no protection to the marines who braved deadly enemy fire.

Of the 75,000 U.S. troops that landed on Iwo Jima 26,000 were killed or wounded.

This Living in Iowa story won an Iowa Motion Picture Association Award of Excellence.

Upon My Honor
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