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The Shows (Feature 1628.1068)
Side Roads Special

Are you looking for a summer of vacation of discoveries? Join Paul Berge as he reflects on some of the interesting places and nuggets of history that he has found while wandering the Side Roads of Iowa.

This compilation of Side Roads traveled includes;
1. A pit stop at an historic intersection in Colo.
2. An about face at the Bily Clock museum in Spillville.
3. A ship shape look at a Naval Museum between Omaha and Carter Lake.
4. A steeple chase of sorts as we explore the churches of Shelby County.
5. A spin on the Carousel in Story City.
6. An underground tour of the State Historical Society.
7. An unusual ascension in Marshalltown.
8. A trip back in time at Living History Farms in Des Moines.

Side Roads Special
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