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Great Ape Trust of Iowa

Azy (AY-zee), a 28 year-old male orangutan,is internationally know for his language research work with Dr. Rob Shumaker. Researching how orangutans learn to understand and use a vocabulary of written symbols, Shumaker is director of orangutan research at Great Ape Trust of Iowa.

Great Ape Trust of Iowa is a world-class research facility dedicated to studying the behavior and intelligence of great apes. The 230 acre campus is located five miles southeast of downtown Des Moines and is currently home to three orangutans and a colony of eight bonobos. Eventually gorillas and chimpanzees will also have a home at the Trust, making it the the first reasearch facility world-wide to study all four species of great apes.

Closer genetically to human beings than any other life form on the planet, great apes are at risk of becoming extinct. Great Ape Trust of Iowa is helping secure the future of great apes through education and conservation programs.

Great Ape Trust of Iowa
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contacts { Al Setka, Great Ape Trust of Iowa, Director of Communications
4200 SE 44th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50320
Phone: (515) 243-3580
Fax: (515) 243-8997
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