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Recent Iowa Music 
Pat Egan with Tim Britton
Pat Egan with Tim Britton

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It's Irish traditional music. For twenty years, Tipperary man Pat Egan has developed his own powerfully emotive style of guitar accompaniment and vocal delivery. He has chosen to feather his nest with some wonderful but little-known songs, old and new, that fit into both traditional and contemporary contexts.

The scarcity of uillean pipes led Tim Britton to make his own set, later to become highly respected in that field. His book on reed making is considered a classic text.

For over twenty years he has been touring, teaching, and recording, appearing on over two dozen records with the likes of Mick Moloney, Eileen Ivers, Johnny Cunningham, Robbie O'Connell, Gerald Trimble, Bela Fleck, John McCutcheon, Patrick Ball, Paddy O'Brien, and many others. Since 1997 he has been touring with Paddy O'Brien and Pat Egan under the name of Chulrua.

Iowa Music is hosted by...
Kyle Munson Kyle Munson
Music Critic
Des Moines Register

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Bob Dorr Bob Dorr
KUNI-FM personality "The Blue Band" performer

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Past Musical Performers

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Iowa Music
Enjoy the talents of Iowa’s own artists – in musical performances at IPTV’s studios and on-location. From blues to bluegrass, jazz to rock and classical to country – Living in Iowa will showcase the state’s top musicians from around the state in fast-paced, multiple-camera music videos.
BillyLee Janey and the CompaK 3
Catwalk "Catwalk"
Quiet Night/Weather Train "Quiet Night/Weather Train"
Brother Trucker
Downtown "Downtown"
Forever, For Now "Forever, For Now"
Hunter Fuerste Big Band
Begin The Beguine "Begin The Beguine"
Jen Gloeckner
Glue "Glue"
Hazy Sky "Hazy Sky"
Red Sky "Red Sky"
Joanne Jackson
Here's That Rainy Day "Here's That Rainy Day"
Next To You "Next To You"
Sunny Side of the Street "Sunny Side of the Street"
Kevin B.F. Burt & the Instigators
No Blues "No Blues"
Stone Crazy "Stone Crazy"
Help Me Help You "Help Me Help You"
That's Okay "That's Okay"
Rob Lumbard
Dig You "Dig You"
Nothing In This World That Lasts "Nothing In This World That Lasts"
Susan Werner
Gimme Chicago "Gimme Chicago"
I Can't Be New "I Can't Be New"
Late To The Dance "Late To The Dance"
May I Suggest "May I Suggest"
The Holly And The Ivy (Christmas) "The Holly And The Ivy (Christmas)"
Time Between Trains "Time Between Trains"
Apple Of My Eye "Apple Of My Eye"
Bamboozled "Bamboozled"
Falling Water River "Falling Water River"
The Soul Searchers
Chimichanga "Chimichanga"
Gentleman's Bet "Gentleman's Bet"
Here I Am "Here I Am"
The March "The March"
Tonic Sol-fa Performance
29 Ways to My Baby's Door "29 Ways to My Baby's Door"
Chances "Chances"
Jesus Loves Me (Xmas) "Jesus Loves Me (Xmas)"
Sleep On "Sleep On"
So Easy "So Easy"
Wicked Liz and the Bellyswirls
9:00 AM "9:00 AM"
Break Me "Break Me"
Mary Kate "Mary Kate"
Up And Down "Up And Down"
Wicked Waltz "Wicked Waltz"
Wonder "Wonder"