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Project Overview

Designed for grades 6-8, Earth Trails: Mississippi River is an interactive multimedia program that requires students to research, plan, and compose multimedia presentations based on content and issues related to the Mississippi River. Using this innovative resource, students explore the Mississippi River region from the headwaters in Minnesota to the Louisiana delta.

Through authentic interaction, students examine regional differences, past and present commercial industries, cultural artifacts, and geological and biological characteristics that make the river an important part of our lives. Students use online tools to collect sounds, images, and video segments; and tie all of the collected information into their own multimedia projects. Classroom activities for science, math, language arts, and social studies (found on the CD-ROM and our Web site) can extend the issues and content presented in the program. Web site resources also extend the flexibility of this program in the classroom.

Virtual Tour

Take a vitual tour of the Earth Trails: Mississippi River CD-ROM.

Download Update

updateDownload the update for Earth Trails: Mississippi River. This upgrade fixes an identified program error and includes general performance enhancements.