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Jill Helps You Jump Around

Welcome aboard!
New producers are always a welcome sight. We've been really swamped lately and can use all the help we can get.

I'm Jill the administrative assistant here at Earth Trails Productions. I'm almost always at my desk so drop by anytime if there are any questions I can answer for you. I know that sometimes it's difficult to find your way around in a new place, so here are a few tips:

Want an overview of Earth Trails Productions?
Click the "What is Earth Trails Productions" button to get some information about your employer.

Want an overview of your job?
Go see the Executive Producer, Elizabeth Edwards. Just click the "Meet the Boss" button.

Are you having technical difficulties?
Hands down, Fritz is the guy to see. He doesn't know a lot about little things, but he knows a little about a lot of things. He's so good that we don't call our "FAQ" section "Frequently Asked Questions." We call it "Fritz Answers Questions." So don't worry. Whatever is wrong, Fritz can make right.

Did You Know?
Did you know that the media vault contains hundreds of images from every imaginable location on the Mississippi River? There are photos from upstream excursions and downstream discoveries. Want some advice? Open the "Media Vault" and look at all that's been locked away.

Did you know we have journals from explorers that have traveled up and down the great river? There's no better way to explore the Mississippi except to take the trek yourself. Read about and see the animals, architecture, boats, locks, dams, businesses, civil war artifacts, cities, scenic stops, music, art, people, culture, and more! You see it all from Minneapolis to New Orleans when you click on the "Journals" section.

Did you know there are plenty of sites on the internet that offer in depth material about all of the content you'll find at this site? Check out the "Links" section. It'll put you in motion.

Funding provided by
USDE Star Schools grant #R203K990001 and Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust

What is Earth Trails Productions?
Meet the Boss
Jill helps you jump around
Fritz Answers Questions


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