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Profile: Sam Wadsworth

Congratulations to Sam. He is our newest feature producer. Having successfully submitted three assignments, he has been promoted from assistant producer status. As feature producer, he will now create his own pieces independent of those supplied by the production office. We caught up with Sam and talked to him about how he consistently produces such creative pieces.

E.T.N. First off, what was your favorite assignment?

S.W. Commerce of the River. I mean I could have done lead mining, flour milling or even fur trading...Then I thought music. I love music-all sorts-and it is a business that has, historically, traveled up and down the river.

E.T.N. That's a pretty creative interpretation of the assignment. Did you do all your research in New Orleans...that is the birthplace of jazz?

S.W. Well that's exactly what I thought. I started out there, but music traveled. Someone like Louis Armstrong started out in New Orleans, but by playing on steamboats he spread his Dixieland banjo-playing jazz all the way up to St. Louis. So I found great pictures, sounds, and video all over the river.

E.T.N. Now that you're a full-fledged producer what sort of brilliant ideas do you have?

S.W. I can't wait to do my own feature. I'm planning a piece that will deal with recreation on the river. Researching music opened my eyes to the connection between the river, music, and people having a good time-Mardi Gras is a perfect example. The French Quarter is another spot I want to explore.

E.T.N. Wow! That's pretty ambitious. Good luck with it. Do you have any advice for assistant producers working towards producer status?

S.W. Absolutely. Produce quality multimedia. Look for that image, sound, or video that sells your assignment. New producers should also pay attention to details. I take a lot of notes while I travel. When I sit down to produce my assignment, I can see how everything is related.
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