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Always begin by stating your opinion clearly. A well-written persuasive article will summarize the issue and state a position.
...We must continue to explore outer space to find answers to important questions.

Back up your opinion with supporting facts and examples. Opinion is not persuasive unless you support it with facts. Let people know you researched your position.
...Astronomical studies and space exploration have provided us with new medicines and more data about crystals, nuclear fusion, gravity, and countless other scientific topics.

Connect ideas using logic and reasoning. Convince the reader that your position makes sense. Use your own words to connect your ideas and drive home your conclusion. A call to action is one way to end your persuasive writing; other strategies include personal examples and emotional appeals.
...Some taxpayers believe that the expense of space exploration is not worth it because we have enough problems on Earth. Yet, space exploration has helped solve mysteries on our own planet. Data has shown us how to take care of the earth, protect crops from disease, manage natural resources, and control pollution. Further space exploration is imperative to the future of our own planet.

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