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New Orleans
Sunday, January 4, 1998

We arrived just in time for the annual ceremony honoring General Andrew Jackson and commemorating the victory of the Battle of New Orleans. On January 8, 1815, in the city of New Orleans, General Jackson along with his Tennessee Volunteers and a collective band of pirates, Americans Indians, and freed slaves defeated the British, secured control of the Mississippi River, and guaranteed the liberties of our young nation.

A bronze statue of General Andrew Jackson atop his horse stands 14 feet tall in the center of Jackson Square. The square is located near the picturesque riverfront and was originally named Place d'Armes, changed to Jackson Square in 1851 when the grand statue was added as part of a renovation.

Restored steamboats dot the riverfront docks reminding us that this invention helped turn the small river town of New Orleans into a gateway to the American heartland. The arrival of the first steam-powered paddlewheel in 1812 led to new opportunities for river commerce. Cotton from the South, known as "white gold," could be shipped downstream to New Orleans. With the ease of shipping the latest fashions, foods, wines, and entertainers back upstream, entirely new markets developed.

True to the colorful musical history of both New Orleans and the river, we found many interesting characters playing all kinds of music along the scenic docks of Woldenberg Park. These local street musicians line the riverfront, as well as the city's streets, and play a variety of blues and jazz with their special Cajun flair.

In what war did the Battle of New Orleans take place?

City of New Orleans
Jackson Square

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