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How to get Earth Trails: Mississippi River in your classroom

Check to see if your school has Earth Trails: Mississippi River

AEA Contacts & Info for Earth Trails: Mississippi River Distribution


Now Available
Earth Trails: Mississippi River
Classroom Package

The Earth Trails: Mississippi River classroom package includes:

1) full-color classroom poster
2) Teacher Guide
3) 5 copies of
--- - Earth Trails:
--- - Mississippi River
--- - the Producer Handbook
--- - Newsletter/map

Now Available to Educators Across the USA
If you are an educator outside of Iowa, the program is now available for purchase. Please visit the for more information.

Planning to use Earth Trails: Mississippi River in your classroom? This valuable resource is now available free of charge to Iowa educators.* Over 400 Iowa schools have already requested this program. We are offering this resource free of charge through your schools and AEAs. Use the following instructions to obtain a copy for use in your classroom.

First check your school to see if the classroom package is already there. Another teacher in your building may be using these materials. Because we have a limited number of copies, we encourage you to share.

Click here to find out if your school was sent a copy.

    Next, check with your local AEA. Iowa Public Television has provided all Iowa AEAs with copies of the program to be made available to educators on request.

    Click here to find the contact information for your area

    When all else fails, contact us and we will help you locate a copy.


Funding for the development and distribution of this project is provided by USDE Star Schools grant #R203K990001 and Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust.