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Professional Development
Our staff is available for staff development anywhere within Iowa. Use us as a classroom resource.

Inservice and Professional Development Opportunities
Earth Trails: Mississippi River is an Iowa Public Television CD-ROM program available to Iowa schools at no cost.

Earth Trails: Mississippi River was designed to specifically meet educational and technology needs of Iowa schools. The CD-ROM activities and lesson plans were developed by Iowa teachers. All components are research-based and focus on thematic planning, problem-based learning and multidisciplinary units including math, social studies, language arts, science, technology and the arts.

Our workshops are available at no charge and offer methods of using Iowa Public Television's programming, interactive multimedia and online activities in K-12 classrooms. These workshops can be incorporated into teacher in-service days or department/grade level meetings. Our specialists, who are certified Iowa teachers, will come to your school with resources and techniques that can be integrated into existing curriculum.

To learn more about our services or to schedule a workshop or inservice, call us at 800-532-1290 or email us at lynn@iptv.org.

Earth Trails: Mississippi Teachers Discussion Forum

This discussion board is an open form for teachers to express their comments and suggestions regarding the Mississippi River Project. Please feel free to post your remarks and relate the experiences you have had when working with this project in your classroom.