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Earth Trails: Mississippi River is a complete package for students. It has many parts including the CD-ROM, a newsletter, a map, a Producer Handbook, and a Web site. Earth Trails Productions is the online headquarters for the students and it continues to play a part in the virtual environment that is found within the CD-ROM program.

Students are able to use this Web site as part of their interaction with the CD-ROM. (They can access the Earth Trails Productions Web site by launching their Internet browser from the CD-ROM itself.) With a little creativity, you may even be able to create some great lesson plans from the Web site alone.

An index of what you will find on the student site follows.

Their website is the online headquarders of Earth Trails Productions. It is designed exclusively for Earth Trails Productions employees. Assistant Producers find technical help, strategies for completing assignments, images, and much more. The site is self-contained unless your students visit the recommended list of links.

What is Earth Trails Productions?
Are your students unclear about their role and responsibilities? This section provides them with a quick overview.

Meet the Boss
The head of Earth Trails Productions, Elizabeth Edwards, welcomes the newest employees. (This information is also found in the front of the Producer Handbook.)

Jill Helps You Jump Around
Jill, the helpful office assistant, explains the Web site and where everything is located.

Fritz Answers Questions (FAQ)
Fritz is the guy at the office who knows everything. Can't figure out how to use your Amadeus Media Composer? Fritz can help. Unable to locate a lock and dam? Fritz can point you in the right direction. Question most frequently asked by new producers are answered here, courtesy of Fritz.

Earth Trails Productions puts out a newsletter that is full of tips. This newsletter is especially helpful to our new producers as it features articles on problem solving, persuasive writing, and tips to create powerful presentations.

We poured over hundreds of Web sites and found several that students will find useful while doing research. We make every attempt to ensure that these links are appropriate, but please realize that we are not responsible for web content outside of our Web site.

During the making of Earth Trails: Mississippi River, our production crews traveled the length of the river, taking field notesat the end of a day's journey. The journal provides a wealth of information from areas on and off the beaten path. The journals are searchable by area and topic.

Media Vault
We have a LOT of pictures of Mississippi-related topics. We encourage you to use our media to enhance your classroom activities. All of these images belong to Iowa Public Television.

Commerical use of our products is prohibited. Documents and images may be reproduced for educational use with credit to Iowa Public Television.

Contact Us
Students are encouraged to contact us. We would love to hear about great assignments, suggestions for our Web site, and even problems students are experiencing.

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