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Teacher Resources

Lesson Plans

Teachers, content experts, and curriculum writers developed lesson plans that fit into language arts, math, science, and social studies classrooms. There are over thirty lesson plans for you to download.

Teacher Links
We have put together a list of Web links to help you make the most of your time in the classroom. Need some background information? Need a source for maps? Use this list.

The Producer Handbook, Teacher Guide, and newsletter are available online as PDF files. Instructions are included for downloading the documents.

Student Site Index
Earth Trails Productions, your students' employer, has a Web site for its Assistant Producers. Find out what online resources are available to your students.

Professional Development
Our staff is available for staff development anywhere within Iowa. Sign up for a workshop. Visit us at a conference. Use us as a classroom resource.

ICN Videoconferencing Events
Using video-conferencing, classrooms can take advantage of some interesting Iowa Communications Network (ICN) sessions. Signing up is easy.

Producer Certificate
Have your students done a great job with their Earth Trails assignments? Reward their efforts with official Earth Trails Productions certification.

Teachers Helping Teachers
IPTV offers teachers help through our educational services. The educational services staff, many of whom are former classroom teachers, are available to answer questions, conduct in-services, and visit classrooms.

How to Get a Copy
Planning to use Earth Trails: Mississippi River in your classroom? This valuable resource is now available free of charge to Iowa educators. We are offering this resource free of charge through your schools and AEAs. Use the following instructions to obtain a copy for use in your classroom.

Teaching Strategies
Problem-based learning, inquiry-based learning, interdisciplinary instruction, and technology integration are cornerstones to Iowa Public Television multimedia resources. Browse the list, check out some links, pick up a new strategy or find out that you are using a strategy effectively!