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Earth Trails: Mississippi River Program Updates (ver 1.3)

A free upgrade to Earth Trail: Mississippi River is now available. This upgrade fixes an identified program error and includes general performance enhancements.

  • Some users were reporting a loss of saved assignment data when launching the program from their saved files. This program error has been identified and fixed.
  • QuickTime video performance problems on Macintosh OS 9 and above have been resolved.

Who Should Use Earth Trails: Mississippi ver. 1.3 Software Update?

We encourage everyone using Earth Trails: Mississippi River provided on CD-ROM to upgrade to 1.3. Version information is available in the Read Me file located on the CD-ROM.

Who Should NOT Use Earth Trails: Mississippi River ver. 1.3 Software Update?
We encourage all program users to update to ver. 1.3. If you choose not to download this update, be sure to visit our Troubleshooting/FAQ.

Downloading the Software
There are currently two versions of the Update available. One for users running Windows systems and one for users running Macintosh systems.

  This upgrade is available in a self-contained installer application for windows.  
  Download the version1.3 Update for Windows  

ET_Mississippi_Update.exe (8.7 MB)

  The Macintosh version will open with StuffIt Expander as a binary compressed file.  
  Download the version 1.3 Update for Macintosh.
This will open with Stuffit Expander (http://www.aladdinsys.com).

ET_Mississippi_Update.bin (8.7 MB)


Approximate Download times
56k modem 19 minutes
ISDN (64 kb/s) 9 minutes
T-1 (1.54 mb/s) 2 minutes
Cable (2 mb/s) < 1 minute

How do I run the Earth Trails: Mississippi River Software Update?
You must have the previous version (1.2) of Earth Trails: Mississippi River already installed on your computer. This update will not install the program on its own; it fixes the code you already have.

Download the appropriate Windows or Macintosh update. Double click the update icon to run the new version. By default, the program installs in the Mississippi River folder on the hard drive. You may choose another location to save the updated program.

Please Note
The upgrade DOES NOT save to or change the CD-ROM. You need to download this upgrade to every computer you plan to use Earth Trails: Mississippi River on. You will still need the CD-ROM to use the program.