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Iowa Ingredient: Behind The Scenes Special

Venture behind the scenes of Iowa Ingredient in this new special set to premiere during Festival 2015. Host Charity Nebbe shares challenges and delights encountered when IPTV producers put together a season of Iowa Ingredient episodes. From the taping of cooking segments with set decorating, dishwashing and chef rehearsals to fighting the weather on farmers’ outdoor shoots, Charity will take viewers behind the camera lens and inside the edit suites. We’ll also reveal a sneak peek at the fresh, new season of Iowa Ingredient episodes scheduled to premiere in April of 2015. Chefs from restaurants like Gusto Pizza in Des Moines and The Fruited Plain in Sioux Center will cook with a whole new batch of ingredients like raspberries, goat cheese and black beans. Join us in March for this tasty new Iowa Ingredient special.

Watch it:

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