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Death in Paradise

Now settled on the sun-baked island of Saint Marie, Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman has come to terms with his painful split from his wife and finally resolved to confess his feelings for his beautiful Detective Sergeant, Camille Bordey. Meanwhile, there’s the small matter of another spate of mysterious murders to deal with. From a ghostly stabbing during a séance to the drowning of a bride-to-be at her hen party, Humphrey is confronted by a series of confounding cases that will push his problem-solving skills to the limit. Despite his distracted demeanor, Humphrey is a sharp, skilled detective. He frequently puts his foot in it with the locals, but there’s no-one more brilliant at cracking elusive crimes. This series sees Humphrey joined by Commissioner Selwyn Patterson’s two newest recruits. Florence Cassell is a tenacious, thorough detective the perfect foil to Humphrey’s shambolic eccentricity. And with the hard-working Fidel Best now departed, eager young rookie J P Hooper is desperate to make his mark and, perhaps more worryingly, totally in awe of the ever-mischievous Dwayne. It’s a talented team, but they’ll need to gel quickly: these testing murder cases are more mystifying than anything seen on Saint Marie before.

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