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Market to Market January 30, 2004 (#2921)

In the News

  • Tyson Foods Sees Rise in Profits
    (Jan 30, 2004) Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat company, said this week its earnings rose 46 percent during its first fiscal quarter.
  • Wheat Groups Ponder Merger
    (Jan 30, 2004) The boards of the nation's three major wheat industry associations have renewed discussions on a merger resolution.
  • Effort to Revive Energy Bill Under Way
    (Jan 30, 2004) The Bush administration is pushing congressional Republicans to scale back a $31 billion energy bill, arguing it has no chance to pass this year unless it is stripped of billions in direct spending and tax breaks.
  • E.U. Again Mulls Lifting Biotech Food Ban
    (Jan 30, 2004) The European Union has renewed efforts to end the six-year moratorium on new biotech foods after a committee of national experts deadlocked last year on the first application: canned sweet corn.
  • Canada Says 'No' To Blood Ban
    (Jan 30, 2004) Canada has no plans to ban the feeding of cow blood to cattle despite a U.S assessment that blood could be a source for the spread of Mad Cow disease.
  • Bird Flu Outbreak Plagues Asia
    (Jan 30, 2004) The outbreak of bird flu continues to take its toll on the poultry industry throughout much of Asia.