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Market to Market February 6, 2004 (#2922)

In the News

  • Talks on free trade accord stall
    (Feb 6, 2004) Talks on the Free Trade Area of the Americas have stalled over South American demands for an end to domestic U.S farm subsidies, negotiators said this week.
  • Tests on pigs show bird flu virus
    (Feb 6, 2004) Tests conducted on pigs in Vietnam have been positive for the bird flu virus infecting millions of poultry, the U.N Food and Agricultural Organization said this week.
  • Bush orders new measures to protect food supply
    (Feb 6, 2004) President Bush is ordering three Cabinet departments and the Environmental Protection Agency to develop new procedures to protect the nation's food supply from terror attacks.
  • Whistleblower: EPA used unreliable data
    (Feb 6, 2004) A former government scientist accused the Environmental Protection Agency this week of knowingly using unreliable data when it denied a petition to halt the use of sewage sludge for fertilizer.
  • Kansas wheat ratings low
    (Feb 6, 2004) Nearly a third of the Kansas wheat crop now shows some wind and freeze damage, according to the Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service (KASS).
  • Was primary mad cow really a downer?
    (Feb 6, 2004) A slaughterhouse worker who claims to have killed the first U.S cow to test positive for Mad Cow disease says the animal was NOT a so-called "downer", an assertion disputed by federal inspectors.