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Market to Market February 20, 2004 (#2924)

In the News

  • Zoellick To EU: Quit Fooling Around
    (Feb 20, 2004) A global treaty to boost the economy by cutting barriers to international trade is only possible if the European Union agrees to scrap subsidies on farm exports, U.S Trade Representative Robert Zoellick says.
  • China Gives Permanent OK to GMOs
    (Feb 20, 2004) According to Dow Jones Newswires, China's Ministry of Agriculture has approved permanent import safety certificates for genetically modified varieties of soybeans, corn and cotton produced by U.S agribusiness giant Monsanto Co The ministry's...
  • Deere & Co. Sales, Profits Soar
    (Feb 20, 2004) Stronger-than-expected sales helped Deere & Company more than double its first quarter profits, pushing its stock higher and leading the company to boost its earnings forecast for the year.
  • Feds Extend Alternative Fuels Incentive
    (Feb 20, 2004) The Bush administration is extending incentives that make it easier for automakers to meet fuel economy requirements by selling vehicles that can run on corn-based ethanol and other gasoline alternatives.
  • EU Official: GM Food Dispute Will Widen
    (Feb 20, 2004) The dispute between the U.S and the European Union about the safety of genetically modified food isn't going away anytime soon and likely will widen into a global debate, the EU's top environment official says.
  • Packer Says Holstein Was No Downer
    (Feb 20, 2004) The owners of the small Washington state slaughterhouse that killed a Holstein with the nation's first case of Mad Cow disease are challenging the government's claim that the animal couldn't walk.