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Market to Market March 5, 2004 (#2926)

In the News

  • Mouthwash For Poultry?
    (Mar 5, 2004) The same chemical used in most mouthwashes for more than half a century has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on poultry as a way to reduce food-borne illness.
  • Europe Hits U.S. With Sanctions
    (Mar 5, 2004) The European Union this week began imposing millions of dollars in sanctions on U.S goods because of Washington's failure to curtail export tax breaks.
  • USDA Issues Annual Slaughter Report
    (Mar 5, 2004) Pork production in the United States in 2003 set a record high at 20 billion pounds, according to USDA's annual livestock slaughter report released this week.
  • Soybean News
    (Mar 5, 2004) SOYBEAN NEWS: --Brazil's Parana State Government is enforcing its ban on exports of genetically modified soybeans through Paranagua, the country's main grain port.
  • Alberta Probes Price-Gouging on Beef
    (Mar 5, 2004) The agriculture minister of Canada's Alberta province says an investigation continues into charges of price-gouging by beef packers.